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Shanghai Eases Restrictions On COVID Lockdown: Prevention Zones Established



Shanghai Eases Restrictions On COVID Lockdown Prevention Zones Established

(CTN News) – On Friday, the Shanghai administration announced that nearly 12.38 million Shanghai residents, or nearly half of the city’s population, have been moved to lower-risk zones, allowing them to leave their homes.

CNBC TV18 reported that Shanghai, which is dealing with a heavy COVID-19 outbreak, had placed the city under lockdown at the beginning of this month, but gradually eased restrictions on residential areas where no positive cases have been found in two weeks.

Shanghai, China’s financial hub, has assigned three categories of risk to each housing unit, classifying those without a positive COVID-19 case in 14 days as “prevention zones”, allowing residents to engage in inappropriate behaviors. “The number of people in sealed and controlled zones has clearly decreased,” Zhao Dandan, deputy director of Shanghai’s health commission, told a press conference, CNBC TV18 reported.

One of the last nations to implement zero-COVID policies in China, which has enacted strict lockdowns and transferred all patients to secure institutions to eliminate infections. In China, the healthcare system has been burdened as well, due to the worst COVID-19 situation.

Residents in Shanghai shared stories of misery

Further, Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis, is suffering from COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. There have been many reports of misery in the city, many citing a lack of food, medication, and other necessities.

According to the administration, some markets and pharmacies have since reopened. Pictures and videos circulated online depicting citizens without food breaking into a shop and yelling for assistance.
Social media users shared a video showing residents screaming from high-rise apartments in Shanghai after they were locked down for seven days straight.

As a result of China’s “zero covid” policy, residents of Shanghai have been under a strict lockdown since April 1. There are reports that 26 million residents have been “dreading” not being able to leave their houses and have been “starving to death” due to government ration supplies that were plagued by logistical problems.

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