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Chinese City Guangzhou Plans 250,000 Quarantine Beds, as China COVID Cases rise



Chinese City Guangzhou Plans 250,000 Quarantine Beds, as China COVID Cases rise

(CTN News) – Officials in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou said on Thursday that they were establishing temporary hospitals and quarantine centres with a combined capacity of roughly 250,000 beds for COVID-19 infections as the number of cases nationwide reached its highest level since April.

Nearly three years into the pandemic, China is still dealing with coronavirus outbreaks in several major cities, including Chongqing and the capital Beijing.

At the same time, China is trying to lessen the impact of its strict zero-COVID policy, which has resulted in significant economic harm and widespread annoyance.

Authorities in Zhengzhou, a hard-hit central city, said they would look into the death of a 4-month-old baby whose father said she was refused urgent care while they were in central quarantine. This is just the latest example of its kind to cause outrage online.


With the number of new COVID-19 infections each day reaching 8,761, Guangzhou, an industrial powerhouse with a population of 19 million, is presently grappling with China’s biggest and most recent epidemic, prompting worries that it may approach the scope of Shanghai’s outbreak from earlier this year.

In a rare protest rally that was suppressed from China’s severely restricted social media on Monday night, people ransacked the city’s worst-hit area, which has been placed under lockdown.

At a press conference on Thursday, a Guangzhou official said that the city was speeding up the building of temporary hospitals and isolation sites, with plans to create room for 246,407 beds.

The official, Wang Baosen, said that the situation in the city was at a crucial point and that it was preferable to be prepared, even if such plans were not needed.

In April, when the epidemic in Shanghai peaked and a two-month lockdown was instituted, the city had more than 300,000 beds available.


China recorded 23,276 new illnesses on Thursday, up from 20,199 the day before and the biggest since April.

Although economists don’t anticipate considerable relaxation until March or April, the nation has started to ease several restrictions connected to mass testing and quarantine for foreign visitors, bolstering confidence that China is heading towards a re-opening and economic activity might pick up again.

Experts caution that a complete reopening calls for a significant immunization campaign and a shift in public perception in a nation where COVID is still feared despite having relatively few cases overall by international standards.

Authorities have been told to cease employing “one-size-fits-all” methods and ensure that the public can access food and medical treatment even when lockdowns exist.

But China is still standing by its COVID strategy, which it claims saves lives and is a trademark Xi Jinping programme.

The National Health Commission said Thursday that it would expedite COVID-19 immunization and execute the 20 modified COVID policy measures.

Additionally, they emphasized the need for additional COVID-designated facilities and increased critical care capacity, stating that 10% of all beds should be allocated to ICUs.

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