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Covid Bulletin April 29, 2022 Italy: 69,204 Infections and 131 Deaths



Covid Bulletin April 29, 2022 Italy: 69,204 Infections and 131 Deaths

Coronavirus infections have reached 69,204 in Italy as of today, April 29, 2022, according to data from Covid and Ministry of Health statistics – region by region. In addition, 131 people have died as a result.

In total, 163,244 people have died since the outbreak began, while 16,349,788 have been diagnosed. Since yesterday, 441,526, or 15.7%, of the swabs have been made positive. Compared to yesterday, hospitalizations decreased 79 for ordinary hospitalizations, which were 10,076 in total, and by -12 for intensive care patients, who totaled 382.


According to Covid-19 data from the latest regional bulletin, there were 6,351 new Coronavirus infections today in Lazio. 16 deaths have been reported since yesterday. During the last 24 hours, there were 7,703 molecular swabs and 37,204 antigenic swabs processed with a 14.1% positive rate. There are 1,158 patients in hospitals, 19 fewer than yesterday. There are 68 intensive care units occupied, 2 more than yesterday. There have been 6416 healings since yesterday. The number of cases in Rome has increased to 3,143 since yesterday.

LOMBARDY – According to today’s bulletin, 8,634 new covid infections were reported in the region today. Additionally, nine deaths were reported. The number of new cases in Milan is 1,057. The number of victims in the region since the start of the pandemic stands at 39,889 so far. Sixty-seven thousand swabs were taken, with a test/positive ratio of 13.1%. Admissions to intensive care are steady at 35, while those in ordinary wards are up by 10 to 1,261. In the last 24 hours, there have been 2,635 covid positives in Milan, of which 1,057 have been reported in the city. Lombardy Region reported these numbers. There are 723 new cases in Bergamo, 1 053 in Brescia, 558 in Como, 242 in Cremona, 362 in Lecco, 193 in Lodi, 403 in Mantua, 506 in Pavia, 178 in Sondrio, and 787 in Varese in the other provinces of Lombardy.

CAMPANIA – The latest regional bulletin from Covid-19 shows 7,313 new Coronavirus infections in Campania today, April 29, 2022. There have been 8 deaths since yesterday. 39,093 swabs were processed in the last 24 hours, including 11,134 molecular ones. In Covid ordinary wards, 746 patients are hospitalized, while 42 intensive care units are available.

VENETO – There are 6,948 new coronavirus infections in Veneto today, according to data from Azienda Zero’s latest Covid-19 bulletin. The death toll stands at 8. There have been 1656,721 cases since the pandemic began, while currently there are 72,766 positive cases. In total, 14,433 deaths have been recorded since the outbreak began. Hospitalizations in the medical area of the Venetian hospitals total 643 patients, with 18 in intensive care. 107 patients have been diagnosed as positive at community hospitals. Anti-Covid vaccinations were administered to 1,054 patients yesterday.

SARDINIA – According to the current bulletin, Sardinia has 2,028 new cases of covid infection. Three more deaths have been reported as well. We processed 9858 swabs including molecular and antigenic samples. There were 12 patients admitted to the intensive care units (-1). The medical area hospitalized 316 patients yesterday (the same number as yesterday). There were 28879 cases of home isolation (-678). Three people have died in Sardinia: an 88-year-old woman in Nuoro, a 94-year-old woman in Oristano, and a 97-year-old woman in Southern Sardinia.

Tuscany – there are 3,763 new cases of Coronavirus infections today 29 April, according to the latest Covid-19 report. Nine additional deaths have also been reported. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 1,090,991 confirmed cases with molecular swabs, and 2,811 by rapid antigen tests, an increase of 0.3% over the previous day. Healing increased by 0.4% to 1,031,863 (94.6% of total cases). Currently, 3,839 molecular swabs, as well as 20,685 rapid antigenic swabs, are being performed, with 15.3% of them testing positive. As opposed to that, 5,046 subjects were tested today (with antigen or molecular swabs, excluding control swabs), and 74.6% returned positive results. Today there are 49,294, -1.6% fewer positives than yesterday. There are 669 patients hospitalized (4 fewer than yesterday), including 23 in intensive care (stable). With an average age of 85.7 years, four of the new deaths are men and five are women.

PUGLIA – The Covid-19 Bulletin for April 29 indicates that 4,293 new coronavirus infections have been registered in Puglia. There have been three deaths as well. There are 22,761 new cases found through 22761 swabs in the following provinces: Bari: 1,448; Bat: 261; Brindisi: 489; Foggia: 520; Lecce: 831; Taranto: 696; Residents outside the region: 34; Province in definition: 14. At this point, 105,449 people have tested positive, 557 have been hospitalized in a non-critical area, 23 have been hospitalized in an intensive area. The total number of cases was 1,058,128, there were 10,502,927 swabs performed, 944,423 people recovered, and 8256 people died.

Abruzzo – Today’s bulletin reports 5,385 new coli infections. There are also 9 other deaths. Since the start of the emergency, 370,151 cases have been reported – net of realignments. Rapid antigen testing identified 4,472 of today’s positives. The Regional Health Department has informed us that yesterday’s report was not sent due to technical difficulties. Today’s data reflects the 27th and 29th of April.

PIEDMONT – According to the latest bulletin of the Region, there are 3,700 new Coronavirus infections today, April 29, 2022. There have been 3 deaths since yesterday. The number of antigen tests processed over the last 24 hours was 29,978, with a positive rate of 12.4%. There are 785 regular hospitalizations, 20 fewer than yesterday, and 19 more intensive care units, up one from yesterday.


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