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Two Women With Baby Arrested for Drug Smuggling at Chiang Rai Bus Terminal

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CHIANG RAI – Two women from Chiang Rai women were arrested at the Chiang Rai Bus Terminal on Saturday night for having 30,000 methamphetamine tablets in possession.

Assanee Worakijpanich, 25, and Pimpa (surname withheld due to her being a minor), were found to have strapped thousands of pills around their waist, under their clothes. Although they allegedly tried to evade suspicion by bringing along a baby, police subjected them to a search.

The two women were found to have strapped thousands of pills around their waist, under their clothes

Captain Tanattha Nantawan and Pol Lieutenant Supachai Wannacharoen from the Muang Chiang Rai Police Station were on duty at the Chiang Rai Bus Terminal when they found Ms. Assanee and Miss Pimpa acting suspiciously upon seeing them on duty.

Captain Tanattha Nantawan said they boarded a Khon Kaen-bound bus at the terminal for a routine inspection and as they approached the two women they acted extremely nervous.

After a search of the two women they discovered the methamphetamine pills taped to theirbodies, they confessed to police that a Hmong woman in Ban Huai Raeng had paid them to pick up the methamphetamine pills from Chiang Rai’s Pong district and deliver it to Khon Kaen.

They said they were promised Bt50,000 for transporting the methamphetamine’s upon delivery.

The two suspects said they were told they would be paid only on completion of the assignment.

Assanee and Pimpa were charged with having illicit drugs in possession and will face further legal action.


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