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The Ministry of Education Moving Forward with Tablets for Students




Many Prathom 1 pupils are not ready for Pheu Thai's promise of a tablet PC for every student, say academics.


The Ministry of Education, Thailand is moving forward with proof of a program to issue Thai elementary students with tablet computers. The compressed program to help schools keep up with changing aspect of society as Thailand is one of the fastest growing mobile Internet subscriptions.

In Thailand, “one tablet per child” initiative, 800,000 students will begin to receive the Tablet PC to enhance their learning at school in early 2012. Although official specifications have not been announced, the tablets are said to be based on Android with 7-inch screens with a cost of about $ 100 USD. The pilot will take place in schools in Bangkok in small quantities.

Schools around the country are well connected, even outside urban areas. A recent study by an international organization shows that children in rural areas of northern Thailand, most schools are equipped with WiFi Internet access and a satellite through very remote areas.

The Ministry of Education also conducted a study to determine the impact that the devices have on children’s learning and at the hearing. While the study will focus on alignment with educational goals, there are social impacts that are considered as well, such as ICT-related risks to young people. Although the tablets will probably be issued limited Internet access and ability to install applications, students can get their own tablets or access the Web with their phones.

Teerawat looks after his fellow villagers in rural Thailand

Even in remote forest areas of the Thai people can access the Internet through mobile devices and participate in social activities like the media to publish photos on your Facebook wall. A local leader has taken upon himself to teach people in rural areas of mobile technology. Mr. Teerawat Namkham Basin Foundation, a small organization in the mountains of Chiang Rai that helps local communities with basic needs, education to the residents of mobile and Internet technology.

As people in rural areas increasingly connected through low-cost smartphones and tablets, villagers believe Teerawat need a basic understanding of the benefits and threats, such as online fraud and child abuse . Most communities Teerawat reaches low-income ethnic minorities who have no access to this knowledge otherwise.

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