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Put on Your Parka’s Chiang Rai, Temperature Expected to Drop 6-8 Degrees

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coldweather 4 ky net

coldweather 4 ky net

CHIANG RAI – The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has predicted next week to be the coldest time of the year with the temperature is expected to drop 6-8 degree Celcius in northern Thailand.

TMD director general Wanchai Sakudomchai said during Dec 16-22 the upper part of Thailand will be generally cooler.

A temperature drop by 6-8 degree Celcius will begin with the Northeast from Dec 16, followed by the North, the Central, including Bangkok and nearby provinces, and the East from Dec 17.  The cold spell will continue until Dec 22.

The temperature in the highlands of the North and Northeast is expected to be below 10°C. In the lowlands, the temperature will be around 14-16°C..

For Bangkok, the mercury will be around 17-18°C.

People are advised to take care of their health due to the weather change as there may be rain early next week, followed by the temperature drop.

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