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Police Take Down Thriving Brothel in Chiang Rai City

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Police and security services in Chiang Rai raided a thriving brothel on the Airport Road in the city on Tuesday evening.  The alleged brothel was conducted from a local hotel involving up to 18 women.

Police raided a hotel in Chiang Rai on Tuesday night after authorities received a complaint that the hotel was being utilized as an alleged brothel. Providing sexual services to foreign and Thai tourists in Chiang Rai.

The raid on the hotel followed a sting operation in which a police officer went undercover posing as a tourist. They contacted the operator of the to arrange services.

The undercover police officer made his way to a Room where he negotiated with the 37-year-old madam.

There were a number of young women in the room.

The fee for the sex service was ฿1,800 and once the deal was concluded and the officer entered the room adjacent with the young woman. Police and security services immediately converged on the hotel in force.

Five women were arrested in addition to the 37-year-old madam, Ms Wan. They were all aged from 21 years to 37 years old.

6 Women were Arrested at the Scene

raid 2

Police in the course of the raid seized 8 mobile phones, playing cards and cash as well as other evidence. The women were taken to a local police station where initial inquiries were carried out.

As a result they were then transported to Chiang Rai Police Station where charges have been pressed against them.

Ms Wan faces a charge of procuring women for the purposes of prostitution while the five other women are being charged with engaging in prostitution.

Thai examiner also reported that up 18 local women had been working at the Hotel brothel.

The operation involved the Deputy Chief of Police for Chiang Rai, Police Colonel Manat Kaewchinda as well as Lieutenant Colonel Khampun Chaiyamanon, the Chief of Special Operation in Chiang Rai.

Brothel Arrest Photo’s

brothel chiang rai 1 brothel chiang rai 2 brothel chiang rai

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