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Over Crowding in Chiangrai Prisons



Womens Prison - Chiangrai Times

Womens Prison - Chiangrai Times

Chiangrai Woman’s prison is bulging at the seams with more than double their holding capacity. A problem the Corrections Department is far from solving, new research has found. Cells measuring 12×19 metres hold on average 180 to 200 inmates and 6×8-metre cells hold 90 to 100 women. The figures are so high because of the large number of illegal foreign workers being held there.

“Women prisoners are unlike men because they endure bad conditions and do not complain,” Mr Danthong Breen said.

Researchers recommended using other forms of punishment such as fines and repatriation, instead of incarceration.

In addition, up to 90% of prisoners are young people and workers who have committed minor crimes. That prison population should be separated and sent for rehabilitation, fined, or sentenced to public service instead, they recommended.

Press Release – Chiangrai Times

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