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Over 150,000 Meth Pills Found by Villagers on Roadside in Muang Chiang Rai

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158,000 meth pills found in a bag on the roadside are shown at police news briefing at Muang Chiang Rai police station – Photo Chinnaphat Chaiyamol

CHIANG RAI – Muang Chiang Rai police were called to San Thung Phatthana Village after a bag containing 158,000 methamphetamine pills was found on a roadside in Muang district on Thursday evening.

District chief Prasert Jitpreecheep said it was reported to him by a resident of San Thung Phatthana Village in Moo 1 of tambon Doi Lan.

Mr Prasert told police when he went to check it out there was no one loitering suspiciously nearby, he looked inside the bag and found it contained a large amount of speed pills, or “ya ba”.

He quickly informed police, who later took it to the Muang Chiang Rai police station for examination.

Police told a news briefing that the bag was packed full with 158,000 methamphetamine pills that bore the letters “Y1” inside black plastic bags.

Police believe the drugs had been left on the roadside by smugglers for a client to collect when it was safe.

Such bags left along border roads by drug syndicates were usually found to contain around 100,000 speed pills. Recent finds indicated drug networks had increased the size of shipments trafficked to customers, police said.

By Chinnaphat Chaiyamol

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