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Northern Thailand’s hill-tribe People Compete in Downhill Wooden Cart Races

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PHAYAO – Northern Thailand’s hill-tribe people compete in downhill wooden cart races of ethic Hmong people in the northern Phayao province to celebrate their tradition and boost local tourism.

Go-Kart Hmong in Pong district drew a large crowd of spectators and people of different hill tribes on Monday

Provincial officials and local administrators organized the race in celebration of the traditional outdoor activity of Hmong wooden cart.

Teams of racers representing their communities in northern Thailand took part in fun races held in lively atmosphere. Racers enjoy traditional communal method on downhill 200-meter dirt track even though some did not make it to the finish line.


Festive mood and colorful hill tribe dresses also made the race much enjoyable to the visitors.

Hill tribe people primarily used wooden cart to transport farm produce. Although it is now replaced by modern machinery and motor vehicles their carts remains integral part of their livelihood.

Communities and villages have fun together in the thrilling downhill competition that also attracts tourist to the rough gravity extreme sport.

Wooden Go Cart Races Phayao

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