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Myanmar Representatives asked Thai government to Shut Refugee Camps



Myanmar refugees will remain a hot issue on the table for Thailand & Myanmar relation, it is still not clear if Thailand will answer to the Myanmar government's plea.

Thailand Myanmar authorities asked for the suppression of dissidents based in Thailand’s northern border, according to Samart Loifah, the governor of the northern province of Thailand, said Thai authorities to deal with dissidents “to bomb “and the leaders of the Karen National Union, the largest rebel group fighting for ethnic autonomy.

Myanmar has been plagued by decades of civil war with armed militias of ethnic minorities since its independence from Britain in 1948. Myanmar military handed over power to a civilian administration appointed after the elections in November amid allegations of fraud.

Activists call for end to foreign investments that exploit Myanmar’s natural resources, emphasize that such activities cause a conflict in ethnic minority areas, forcing them to cross borders with Thailand.

Foreign direct investment has soared, funded by China, India and Thailand, most of the investments “focused on energy and mining, which often results in displacement.

The militias belonging to ethnic minorities in Myanmar, the Karen National Liberation Army in the midst of the fighting intensified recently with the military, has managed to stop the construction of a link key route to U.S. $ 8 billion from state Dawei port mega-project.

During the bilateral meetings to negotiate the reopening of the Friendship Bridge between Thailand and Myanmar, the representatives of Myanmar asked the Thai government to close the refugee camps, which they say shelter accepts armed ethnic groups of the incoming government led by Yingluck Shinawatra yet has clarified its policy on refugees, when his brother was prime minister Thaksin, the offices of many refugees in the northern provinces of Thailand were closed. According to the United Nations Commission for Refugees, about 100,000 of the 130,000 registered refugees in Thailand from Myanmar have fled to camps in Thailand, mostly in the northern region.
Refugees from Myanmar will remain a hot topic on the table for the relationship of Thailand and Myanmar, which is not yet clear whether Thai response to the request of the government of Myanmar. Activists say the risks are too high and the return of refugees will only be possible when Myanmar is at peace

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