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Myanmar Authorities Seize Heroin in Golden Triangle Town of Tachilek



Burmese soldiers, Tachilek, Myanmar 


Chiangrai Times – Myanmar authorities have seized large quantities of heroin and speed pills and arrested four suspects during raids on areas under the control of Naw Kham, a suspected drug trafficker.

Teams of Myanmar troops in the town of Tachilek have targeted Naw Kham’s bases, said a Thai military source based at the border.

They have particularly cracked down on operations in Samsamphu, Ban Pong, Muang Pong and other border villages opposite Rimlao village in Chiang Saen district of Thailand’s Chiang Rai since June 30.

120 bars of heroin were seized

More than 600,000 speed pills and 120 bars of heroin were seized and four drug suspects arrested in an area adjoining Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, about 7-10km north of the Golden Triangle.

There have been reports that Myanmar troops have also joined forces in several areas with the Shan State Army, an ethnic armed group, to destroy precursor chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, the source said.

Myanmar has joined China, Thailand and Laos in setting up a joint law enforcement team to protect cargo boats along the Mekong River following the murder of 13 Chinese men on Oct 5 last year. The victims were crew members of two Chinese-flagged cargo ships which were attacked by armed men.

Laos subsequently arrested Naw Kham in April on suspicion of being linked to the murders. Laos extradited him to China on May 10.


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