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Missing Persons Report Filed in Chiang Mai for Danish Expat Carsien Finnech

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CHIANG MAI – Police in the Northern Province of Chiang Mai have reported that they received a missing person report from the ex-wife of Danish expat Carsien Finnech. He was last seen leaving his house with a pickup truck.

Police identified the truck, belonging to a storage service company. Finnech reportedly requested that the driver drop him off at the Arcade Bus Terminal the Thaiwrath reported.

The driver of the storage company truck told police that he said that he was going to Chiang Rai for seven days. His whereabouts after the driver dropped him off is unknown.

For anyone who has information about the case, please contact 088 410 4879 or 080 902 0014.

Source: Thaiwrath, Chiang Mai News

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