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Mae Fah Luang University to Build Business of Film Curriculum



Mae Fah Luang University in ChiangRai, Thailand,


Chiangrai Times – Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai, Thailand, is building a “Business of Film” curriculum and is looking for you. The university, established in 1998, is a medium-sized institution with international academic standards of pursuing excellence in both sciences and the arts, in order to achieve the goal of cultivating human resources for Thailand, as well as countries of the Greater-Mekong sub-region.

Mae Fah Luang Unviersity’s campus consists of a large complex of modern, state-of-the-art buildings, spanning more than 800 hectares. The campus is located in a spectacular setting of mountains and trees, an environment conducive to teaching and learning in a clean, inviting setting. As both a regional and national university, MFU provides high-quality education services and resources for neighboring countries especially China.

Dr. Vanchai Sirizhana of Mae Fah Luang University admits that the new curriculum will generate additional funds for the university but adds, “In 2015, an entire new student base will open up with the inauguration of the ASEAN Economic Community. We will easily be able to draw students from across the region. And what curriculum could be more interesting than one in entertainment/film/TV. And besides, we will focus on the actual business of film and TV as a backbone to the actual development, production, distribution and exhibition sectors, as well as TV exhibition.” – Anna Wong

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