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Mae Fah Luang University Students Selected to attend Singha Biz Course as Management Interns



Mae Fah Luang students, Singha Management Interns


CHIANGRAI – Mae Fah Luang University has the great pleasure to announce that six international students and one Thai student from the University were selected to attend the 5th SINGHA BizCourse as Management Interns.

Two Myanmar students, Mr. Sui Suan Chai and Mr. Sai Woonti; two Japanese, Miss Seika Mitsuishi and Mr. Takuto Nagasato; one Korean, Miss Yunhee Choi; and one Chinese student, Miss Ziyue Zhou, were the successful international MFU representatives, who have just returned from Bangkok and heard the good news after the final round of interviews last week.

One Thai student, Mr. Chaschapan Lekcharoen, Vice-President of the MFU Student Council, also made the cut.

Becoming Singha Management Interns and attending this 9 week course from 25 March – 31 May 2013 means they will gain the, “Singha Experience, the real knowledge and experience that reflects superior administrative performance and quality,” trained by the best in the industry. “With the authentic-based learning experience…Management Interns will receive on-the-job training experience through a learning-by-doing approach in order to achieve the assigned tasks and missions.” It seems like our successful MFU students have a challenge set out for them, but we’re confident they’ve
already received the best preparation available in Thailand for this kind of course through their studies at our university and through MFU’s ‘Problem Based Learning’ approach.

Takuto Nagasato, 4th year student in the Thai Language and Culture Program said he was, “Happy to be given the opportunity by Singha but I feel sorry for my friends who couldn’t make it.” When asked what he expected to gain from the experience Taku said, “It’ll be a great experience and will give me a better chance to represent our university…
I may even be able to assist Singha Trading Co.’s operations in Japan.”

Several industry leaders and educational elite are part of the Board of Counsellors for this program, supporting it with their wealth of experience and knowhow.

In the first session of the training, the Management Interns will be guided by Singha Corporation’s Administration Team, outside gurus and experts, and international universities, including the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and Western Michigan University.

In the second and final session, the Management Interns will be given the opportunity to apply the theory learned in the previous session in real settings and real cases through 5 challenging missions in the Singha Business Innovation Project. “Such an activity allows all participants to learn by doing and performing actions in accordance with appropriate, real-life contexts.”

On behalf of Mae Fah Luang University, we wish these 7 students the best and are most confident that they will excel in their futures!

Dylan J. Hartmann – Mae Fah Luang University

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