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Drug Runner Escapes Capture Abandoning His Truck and 521 Kilograms of Crystal Meth

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CHIANG RAI – Police in Mae Chan district of Chiang Rai have thwarted an attempt by a drug smuggler trying to transport over 500Kg of Crystal Methamphetamine through a police check point.

Police from the Mae Chan station spotted a pickup truck approaching and then speeding away from their checkpoint on a road from the Myanmar border in Ban Therd thai village in Mae Fa Luang district.

When the pickup driver saw the checkpoint, he reversed at high speed, attempted to make a U-turn and plunged into a ditch.

When Police caught up with the truck the driver had ran and disappeared into the dark forest beside the road.

Officers found 63 bags in the back of the pickup, containing an estimated 12.42 million meth pills along with 13 bags of crystal meth weighing 521 kilograms.

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