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Chiang Rai Police Discover 149Kg of Crystal Meth Hidden in Toyota Van



Chiang Rai crystal meth

Four men have been arrested after police intercepted an attempt to smuggle 149 kilograms of crystal meth or “ice” in Chiang Rai on Tuesday. Police said the crystal meth was found stashed in a Toyota passenger van.

Chiang Rai police said the drug seizure was possible due to information gathered from a previous drug bust and a tip-off from a police informant.

According to Thai media police were tipped-off that drugs were to be shipped for Chiang Rai to southern Thailand.

Armed with a warrant police raided a home in Ban Pa Sak Kai, Ban Du Sub district of Chiang Rai. Upon entering the property police found a Toyota van parked in the driveway.

Upon further a inspection of the Toyota passenger van police found 3 men hiding inside. The 3 men played stupid with police and said they were just sleeping n the van before a long journey south.

However Chiang Rai police didn’t believe their story and searched the Toyota van more thoroughly. Police inspectors discovered a hidden floor and also a hidden area behind the drivers seat.

Chiang Rai police inspect Toyota van

Upon opening the compartments they found 149 kilograms of crystal meth disguised as Chinese tea packages.

While arresting the suspects, police also found a man hiding in the house. He was identified as Mr. Nikorn or Tum who had a career in raising fighting cocks. He initially denied any knowledge of the drugs in the Toyota van and pleaded ignorance. However officials had evidence linking him to the drugs and detained him for further investigation.

Police also attach all assets for inspection including the houses, land, 4 cars and other assets totaling approximately 10 million baht.

Soldiers Seize Meth Pills in Chiang Rai

Meth Pills chiang rai

Soldiers from the Pha Muang Task Force have seized 2,252,000 meth pills and 14 kilos of crystal meth after a gunfight with drug runners. The firefight with the drug runners took place in Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai Province.

Col. Chatree Sa-nguantham said that the Pha Muang Task Force received a tip-off that drugs were to be smuggled across the border in Mae Sai district. Soldiers were then stationed at the border location where the informant said the drug runners would cross over into Chiang Rai.

As morning broke about 20 drug runners were spotted on a forest trail boarding Myanmar in Mae Sai. Soldiers from the Pha Muang Task Force ordered them to stop and a firefight broke out. The firefight lasted about about ten minutes and the drug runners retreated across the border. Upon a search of the firefight area soldiers found sacks containing meth pills and crystal meth dropped by the smugglers.




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