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Chiangrai Night Market



Chiangrai night market is conveniently near the centre of town, a short walk from the bus station. Besides having semi-permanent shops, one area is devoted to individual sellers who spread out their wares on the ground. This market is a good place to shop for Thai souvenirs; it offers hill-tribe fabrics, silver, beads and needlework. Handicrafts go at bargain prices, although negotiation is recommended.

The night bazaar in Chiangrai is filled with hustle and bustle covering 4 city blocks. There are three stages all far enough away from each other to avoid ’sound collision’. In front of the stages are seating areas for patrons to sit and watch the shows plus have a meal, snack and cool beer. The variety of shops is really appreciated by shopping enthusiasts. Everything from silk ready-made garments to tattoo etching can be had. The hill tribes sell an amazing selection of old coins, collector’s pieces of needlework and very fine quilted bed spreads.

The night bazaar is also connected with the city’s fresh fruit market that is open at night. Those visitors who like to try the indescribable shapes, colors and tastes of Asian fruit can enjoy their fill of the great fruits in the height of harvest season.

Some visitors who have been away from western fast food or perhaps just curious to see if the flavour is the same as that in their neighbourhood back home, will appreciate the selection of western franchise restaurants located near the night bazaar.

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