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Chiang Rai to Launch Campaign to Boost Tourism after Earthquake



Watching Sunrise, Phu Chi Fa Mountains, Chiang rai, Thailand

Watching Sunrise, Phu Chi Fa Mountains, Chiang rai, Thailand


CHIANG RAI – Governor Pongsak Wangsamer of the Province of Chiang Rai will hold a meeting with local tour operators on the tourism situation after the province was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

The  6.3 Magnitude earthquake on May 5 was the strongest ever recorded in Thailand. The incident, which was followed by hundreds of aftershocks, has sent repercussion on the province’s tourism industry. According to the provincial governor, Pongsak Wangsamer, 20 per cent of the tourists had canceled their trips and hotel accommodations in the province during the last two weeks.

However, the governor said tourists have started to return to Chiang Rai this week. The province will soon hold a meeting of related officials to find ways to boost tourists’ confidence that they will be safe and also to devise plans to deal with a similar situation.

Earlier, the province had invited engineers to examine key infrastructures in the province such as the airport, hotels and temples to assure safety for visitors.

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