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Chiang Rai Province Kicks off Campaign Against Drugs in Mae Chan



CRT 2015

A Lahu hilltribe girl holds a bunch of opium poppies as she joined her tribe in eradicating of illegal opium poppy’s across the border in Myanmar



CHIANG RAI – The Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) introduced its intensive village-level anti-drug campaign “Huai Cho Model”, in accordance with the government’s drug policy.

The campaign’s kick-off ceremony was held in Mae Chan district by the Chiang Rai PAO, the center for drug prevention and suppression in Mae Chan and other related agencies. Mae Chan has a population of about 2,300 and consists of several local hill tribes.

Anti-drug measures in the Huai Cho Model include establishing drug test checkpoints in villages, conducting drug raids, providing rehabilitation services, organizing sporting events and providing career development resources. Officials said they would keep the Chiang Rai PAO updated regarding the performance of the campaign.

District officials indicated that drug abuse and addiction have intensified and become widespread among locals. They added that drug addicts often turn into drug dealers and create networks for drug trade in the community. Officials said they have realized that the problem affects all levels of society in Thailand, as well as its economy.

By Benjamin Rujopakarn

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