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Chiang Rai Police Set Up Roadside Facilities for New Years Travellers

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Boarder Patrol police in Chiang Rai have made various arrangements for tourists traveling during the New Year holidays.

The company’s commander, Pol Lt-Colonel Yuthaya Sangsawaeng, has ordered the police to prepare, tents, beds, beverages, snacks; and medicine for tourists who want to take a break after a long journey.

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The company’s deputy commander, Pol Captain Suthichai Chueachetton, told the Nation that the establishment of this service point is part of the policy of the Royal Thai Police to serve tourists during the New Year festival.

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“We have prepared 10 tents for tourists to take rest before they continue their journey,” he said. “Also, toilets, bathrooms, and parking lots are available for free, while the police will provide the service for 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, the heavy New Years traffic has given roadside vendors an opportunity to sell various products. Such as food, toys and souvenirs to attract tourists.

The New Years holiday is also ideal for flying kites due to the strong winds in winter, especially in Chiang Rai Thailand. Kite-sellers, say that kites sales on the roadside have increased  because of the New Years traffic.

A small kite sells for Bt60, while a big one costs Bt350. The selling opportunity may only last over New Year, but vendors can earn over Bt1,000 a day.

Kite for sale new years northern Thailand

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