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Chiang Rai Police Kill Drug Trafficker

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Police found 539 packets each containing 2,000 methamphetamine pills, a total of 1,078,000, and 73kg of crystal methamphetamine, or "ice'', in the pick-up truck

Police on Monday seized more than a million tablets of methamphetamine and 73 kilos of methamphetamine or “ice”, for a total of 500 million baht in Muang Chiang Rai district. A suspect who was killed during a shootout with police.

Chiang Rai provincial police chief said Songtham Alapach on a tip from a police checkpoint was established on the road to Phahon Yothin the center of Chiang Rai.

When police tried to stop a pickup truck driver crashed into the barriers. The police chased and harvested at the end the driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch.

Two men in the vehicle were fighting out of the car and one of them opened fire on police. The police returned fire and killed one of them. The other escaped.

Police said the identity of the man who was shot was not yet known. An AK rifle was discovered near the body.

Police found 539 packages each containing 2000 tablets of methamphetamine, a total of 1,078,000 and 73 kilos of crystal methamphetamine or “ice,”in pick-up.

Authorities estimated the street value of drugs seized over 500 million baht.

Information about Crystal Meth

crystal meth is smoked in glass pipes, similar to how crack cocaine is used.

“Crystal Meth” is one of the street names used for methamphetamine.  It is also know as “speed,” “meth” or “chalk.” In its smoked form, it can be referred to as “ice,” “crystal,” “crank,” and “glass.” Methamphetamine belongs to a family of drugs called amphetamines– powerful stimulants that speed up the central nervous system. The drug can be made easily in clandestine laboratories with relatively inexpensive over-the-counter ingredients. Methamphetamine is a drug with high potential for widespread abuse.

When methamphetamine is injected or taken by mouth, the effects may last 6 to 8 hours. When it is smoked, the effects can last 10 to 12 hours. As with other amphetamines, users experience increased wakefulness, decreased appetite and a sense of well being when they take the drug. Often people that use methamphetamines use it in a “binge and crash pattern” which can have harmful effects on the person’s health and can lead to dependence on the drug.

Crystal Meth can be smoked, snorted, taken orally, or injected. Depending on how it is taken, the drug can alter mood differently:

  1. Smoking or injecting Crystal Meth can produce effects within seconds.
  2. With smoking or IV methamphetamine use, there is an intense rush or “flash” that lasts only a few minutes, which is described as being extremely enjoyable.
  3. Snorting or oral ingestion produces euphoria– a high, but not intense as with smoking or injection.

The rush and the high are believed to be due to the release of high levels of dopamine, a brain chemical that is responsible for pleasure.



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