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Chiang Rai Police Arrest Three Thai Women for Transporting Half a Million Meth Pills

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CHIANG RAI – Three Thai women were arrested for alleged drug smuggling at the Mae Lao Police Check Point in Chiang Rai after officers discovered 500,000 methamphetamine pills in the back of there vehicle, Provincial Police Region 5 Office reported yesterday.

The three suspected drug runners were identified as Weena Phanmuang, 53, Supa Kongwong, 48, and Supaporn Wongmadmai, 51, all three were charged with conspiracy to transport and possess a controlled substance with the intent to sell.

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Mae Lao Police found half a million methamphetamine pills hidden in the back of the Chevrolet Captiva

Police investigators said the three women said they were offered Bt208,000 to transport the drugs by a man in his late 30s, identified only as “Vee”, from Mae Lao district in the province.

They said they had received a Bt8,000 advance and were promised the rest after they successfully dropped off the drugs at the destination. Police said the women weren’t fully cooperative and suspected that the three were trying to protect the mastermind.

Police investigation found that the vehicle had been driven from the North to the South seven times before and that Ms. Weena Phanmuang and Ms. Supa Kongwong had been convicted previously for drug trafficking offenses.

By Natthawat Laping

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