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Chiang Rai Officials Seize, 150 kilograms of Animal Furs

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Chiang Rai Police Patrolling Mekong River

Chiang Rai Police Patrolling Mekong River


CHIANG RAI –  Customs House  Authorities in Chiang Rai have seized 150 kilograms of animal carcasses that were being smuggled into the kingdom.

Carcasses of four barking deer and two palm civets with a combined weight of 150 kilograms were confiscated while being smuggled into Thailand through the Mekong River. According to authorities, the carcasses were hidden on a Laotian boat headed for the river bank on the Thai side. Having recieved an intelligence report, authorities acted quickly which led to the confiscation.

Authorities believed that the animals had been slaughtered in Laos before they werr smuggled into Thailand, waiting to be delivered to restaurants and black markets.

All of the seized carcasses will be forwarded to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation. Authorities are pursuing the culprit(s).

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