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Chiang Rai Lua Hill-Tribesman Wins 12 Million Baht in Thailand’s State Lottery

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CHIANG RAI – A Lua Hill-tribesman has gone from rags to riches in just one day after winning the jackpot in Thailand’s Government Lottery.

Mr. Preecha Seriprai,33 a lottery ticket salesman in Phan District, Chiang Rai Province won an estimated 12 Million Baht approximately $382,000.00 in Thailand’s State Lottery on June 16th, after he found the unsold winning ticket on his clip board.

Mr. Preecha and his relatives, are from a Lua ethnic group that lives in a rented house Pa Hueng Subdistrict, Phan District, which is deep into the Doi Luang National Park.

He and his relatives brought the lottery ticket to the Phan Police Station to have it witnessed and for proof they were the actual ticket holders.

When asked what he was going to do with his winnings he said he planned to build a house for the family in Phan district, which are currently looking for land to build a new house on. He also said that he plans to payoff the family debits.

The morning of the lottery, Mr. Preecha and his family went to make merit a temple in Phan District, before learning that his lottery ticket numbered 174055 was the winner.

Mr. Preecha told Thai media he will be ordain and make merit at the Muang Chum Temple, Mueang Phan District, Phan District for a period of 9 days after-which time he will build his mother her dream home.

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