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Chiang Rai Artist Rehears Traditional Dance for Royal Cremation Ceremony




Dancers from Performing Arts School preforming traditional Thai Fon Leb Dance in Chiang Rai.

CHIANG RAI – National artists and thousands of volunteers are rehearsing to perform a traditional Chiang Rai dance during the royal cremation ceremony for His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The national artist, Buareaw (Buariao) Rattanamaneeporn, led the rehearsal of Chiang Rai Fon Leb traditional dance which will be performed during the royal cremation ceremony at a royal crematorium replica located at Chiang Rai old airport.

A total of 2,350 volunteers will perform in rows of dancers which will span in a one-kilometer length. The gentle motion of the dance comes with the rule that each dancer can move no more than five steps from their standing position. The dance will be accompanied by a traditional woodwind band.

Buareaw Rattanamaneeporn has passed on the legacy of this traditional performing art at educational institutes, local performing arts groups, youths, and local artists. Her style is recognized as one of the provincial identities.

By Tanakorn Sangiam

Fon Thai is a form of “folk-dance” accompanied by folk music of the province and will usually fall within five classic styles:


  1. Fon Leb (Fingernails Dance from Chiang Mai)
  2. Fon Ngiew (Scarf Dance from Chiang Rai)
  3. Fon Marn Gumm Ber (Butterfly Dance)
  4. Fon Marn Mong Kol (Happy Dance)
  5. Fon Tian (Candle Dance)


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