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3 Million Meth Pills, 40 Kilograms of crystal Meth Seized in Chiang Rai

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Rangers and soldiers seized 3 million methamphetamine pills and 40 kilograms of crystal meth, or ice, in Chiang Saen district. A car packed with drugs which ran a checkpoint at approximately 4am Sunday.

Rangers and soldiers manning the checkpoint gave chase and found the car further up the road. The driver abandoned the car and fled into the dark.

Maj Gen Thanadpol Kosaisevi, commander of the Pha Muang Force said eleven bags containing 3,036,000 meth pills and 40kg of ice were recovered from the vehicle.

The initials 999 and Y1 were imprinted on the meth pill packages. Indicating that they were produced by Muser and Wa tribesmen in Myanmar. The 40 kilograms of crystal meth was stuffed in tea bags.

Rescue Workers Busted Smuggling Meth Pills in Ambulance

rescue van meth pills

Last week two rescue workers from Chiang Rai were arrested with 592,000 meth pills and 101 grams of ketamine. They had hidden the drugs believing police wouldn’t stop of question a rescue van.

Four people were arrested for using a rescue ambulance to transport meth pills and ketamine. They were transporting the drugs from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai province.

More than 500,000 meth pills and 101 grams of ketamine were found in the rescue van. They had hidden the drugs believing police wouldn’t stop or question a rescue van.

Police also reported they also arrested two other associates that were driving ahead in a lead vehicle.

Traffickers view Thailand as a “transit point”, or just one part of their entire transport route, said Narcotics Suppression Bureau chief Chinnapat Sarasin. He added that narcotics trafficking covers several countries, ranging from areas where drugs are produced, kept and traded to the ones used as hideouts for suspects.

Myanmar and Thailand are working with to prevent the influx of meth pills from the Golden Triangle into northern Thailand. Thailand also seeks cooperation with the Myanmar government to help arrest Thai drug suspects who flee to the neighboring country.


Police Photos of Meth and Crystal Meth Seizure in Chiang Saen Chiang Rai

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