Chiang Rai YouTube Blogger Graham Briar Dies after Complications from Heart Surgery

Chiang Rai YouTube Blogger Graham Briar Dies after Complications from Heart Surgery
Graham Briar who launched online appeal to help pay for medical bills has died in Chiang Rai. – Photo


CHIANG RAI – British Expat Graham Briar, who uploaded videos about rural life in Chiang Rai Thailand to his YouTube channel Graham & Pie, has died after complication from a triple heart bypass operation.

Graham Briar died on Friday night, his wife Pie confirmed in a video posted on their YouTube channel.

Last month Graham, broadcasted about his need for surgery live on YouTube, saying that doctors told him surgery would cost at least half a million baht or as much need for as one million baht, which needs to be paid upfront.

Graham uploaded a video titled ‘Heart of the Matter’ where he revealed he had been experiencing a shortness of breath and chest pains.

Because he did not have medical insurance or sufficient funds to pay for treatment, Graham appealed to subscribers to help them pay for his medical costs.

Graham later revealed that an anonymous donor had offered to pay for his treatment.

While Graham’s YouTube channel feature numerous messages of support and well wishes, it also included comments from people who thought he had made up his ill health for financial gain.

Speaking in a video earlier this month, which has now been deleted, Graham said that the whole experience had been frightening and that he wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Graham also hit out trolls who have made “truly vile posts” on his YouTube live updates.

People commenting on the video posted by Graham’s wife Pie on Saturday offered messages of condolences to Pie and their son Fam.


Graham Bradford In Memorial – a short poem

Graham Briar,
he was no liar
Despite the hate he did not tire
He made mistakes Don’t we all
But despite his pains,
his aches He brought sunshine to the lives of many
And surely that deserved some penny

In Graham I saw strength, compassion, and vision
A man on a mission
To try to improve his life and that of his new family
But the trolls, the haters, the instigators
They never did see the truth
They spread their lies,their fake news, their muck
Hoping some of it will get stuck
In the minds of the weak, the fake news swallowers
The opinion borrowers
But the real followers, the supporters and in the know’ers
Stood strong by his side
Took the hate in their stride

And what now for Fam and Pie
Heartbroken, they need time to cry
Never expecting Graham to die
They need our support
Time to say goodbye

Now Graham has gone
I feel a hole in my heart
For a man I never met but I admired his art
He was for me, a superb vlogger
A hard working man, a real slogger
An example to follow
Who finally found that family and natures beauty
Are worth far more than money

RIP Graham. – Poem attribution Graham Bradford.


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