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Why Do Pressure Machine Businesses Need Insurance in 2022?

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Despite not largely being a legal requirement, insurance touches almost all areas of business; in 2020 global gross premiums reached $5.3 trillion. Businesses in the pressure washing industry are no different, the owners of such businesses are just seeking to protect their monetary assets.

After a quick explanation of what insurance means for businesses in the current day and age, this article will move onto why it is used generally, why pressure machine businesses need it and the things they need it for. Every business is unique, requiring similarly individual solutions to ensure all their needs are met.

What Is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a protective measure employed by companies of all sizes in order to protect themselves from damages that the normal operation of their services will naturally expose them to. Often, this refers to a situation in which performance of their activities induces a compensation claim against them, however there are more specific risks certain companies might feel they need to protect themselves from.

Most companies, irrespective of industry, opt for general liability insurance because of the comprehensive coverage it provides against many of the common risks that are experienced by almost all businesses. Apart from specific types of insurance in specific scenarios (i.e. commercial auto for company vehicles on public roads), insurance is normally a choice rather than a legal obligation, though it is wise to employ it.

Why Use It?

Businesses require insurance so that they are safeguarded from a number of liabilities that accompany the everyday performance of their duties. Protected companies are covered from losses that can arise from damages relating to property, lawsuits, bodily injury and theft, and professional mistakes, amongst other things.

In the pressure washing industry, these risks are higher than many others because, in the operation of their daily business, the liabilities they could possibly encounter are covered by a great variety of policies. Thus, it can end up costing a pretty penny to ensure a business in this industry is adequately protected as they require a number of plans

What Policies Are Needed?

General Liability

As stated earlier, this is almost a universally accepted standard policy for businesses to invest in because of the wide range of liabilities it protects businesses from. This is no different in the pressure washing business. Protected companies can rest easy in the knowledge they will not be expected to take the brunt of damages relating to personal injury, property damage or lawsuits.

It is not just the extent of this policy that makes it so appealing to businesses in the pressure washing industry, but its cheap price as well. Given that it grants shelter from lawsuits that could easily cost a business several hundred thousands, businesses will happily pay the meager annual cost of around $500-$1500 on average. Especially since the effect of this payment is that the risks it’s exposed to no longer risk being fatal.

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Workers’ Compensation

Most businesses with a minimum number of part and full-time employees are required by the state to take out insurance for their protection. This is particularly relevant in a pressure machine washing business as employees will frequently be handling the heavy and delicate machinery, any on-the-job mishap could easily result in the workers’ injury, disability or death.

This policy is required in many states so that all workers have access to compensation for wage replacement or medical costs caused in the course of employment. Whilst primarily being required for the benefit of the employee, it does provide a significant benefit to the employer too, since they will not be expected to bear the full weight of the compensation.


Another common reason pressure washing businesses take out insurance is to protect themselves from the theft of their assets. Furthermore, these companies depend on machines which are highly sophisticated and specialized, and therefore expensive. Since employees are intimately aware of their storage details, and how to access them, it is not out of the realm of possibility that some could go astray over the course of many years.

Crime insurance precludes this from being financially damaging to the business by providing compensation to make up for the damages.

Closing Remarks

If you are looking for another resource to read about pressure washing insurance in more detail, please refer to The Really Useful Information Company’s (TRUiC) recent article on the topic; it follows up this introduction very well.


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