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Verizon Offers 30% Off YouTube Premium, Adds Peacock Streaming Service

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(CTN News) – Hold onto it tightly! The two most recent streaming services that Verizon is pushing to its clients who utilize different kinds of mobile phones are Peacock, a service that is developed by NBCUniversal, and YouTube Premium.

The airline is keeping up its approach of using exclusive deals on content offerings to increase revenue and, hopefully, foster consumer loyalty. The application of this strategy is still ongoing.

Customers of Verizon will be able to access YouTube Premium as one of the features included with the monthly myPlan subscription. Users who sign up for the service at a discounted pricing of $10 per month will receive a thirty percent reduction off the usual price of $13.99 per month.

The price reflects a thirty percent reduction. A user can download videos to view later while they are not online, watch videos without commercial interruption, and have complete access to YouTube Music Premium if they subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Beginning on May 30th, customers will be able to enjoy this new benefit. Verizon is the only US provider with the unique right to offer the YouTube Premium package in these situations.

Peacock will additionally be joining Verizon’s +play content portal, per a statement the company released. It is not something that is ignored on its own: Peacock Premium—which features commercials—is available through +play for the regular $5.99/month fee (it will rise to $7.99 starting in July) while Premium Plus is available for $11.99/month (it will increase to $13.99).

Verizon offers a $5 price cut through their myPlan service.

With this promotional offer, you can pay $10 a month and receive a $15 credit that can be used for any of the +play services. However, you have to have a Peacock subscription in addition to another service in order to be eligible for this price cut.

The Netflix-Max bundle with commercials is available to Verizon cellular customers at a discounted rate of ten dollars per month, which is forty percent less than the package’s original pricing. In addition, users can purchase a Disney package for ten dollars a month that includes Disney+ (all of which are commercial-free), Hulu (which is commercial-filled), and ESPN+.

This represents a thirty-three percent discount over a Disney plan that includes Disney+ with commercials. For a period of six months, customers who switch to Verizon’s Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan are eligible to receive the Disney package for free. Customers who switch to one of these plans can now take advantage of this promotion.

Verizon usually pays its partners a wholesale charge based on the total number of users under these types of reseller agreements. According to Frank Boulben, the chief revenue officer of Verizon Consumer Group, the company has successfully expanded its video subscriber base to thirteen million consumers as of right now.

Customers demand power, flexibility, and choice in their wireless agreements, according to Boulben, who stated that they want these things. Boulben continued, “These are things that customers want.” They would like to be able to alter their minds on a monthly basis as opposed to being constrained for a two-year period.

Additionally, he mentioned how helpful it is to be able to pay for several streaming services with a single subscription. These are further details he gave.

Through Verizon’s myPlan,

A variety of extra subscription add-ons are accessible. Among these add-ons are Walmart+ (which includes Paramount+), Apple Music Family, Apple One (which includes Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+), 100 gigabytes of mobile hotspot internet per month, and unlimited cloud storage. There is a 10 dollar monthly cost for each of these add-ons.

Furthermore, Verizon made the public aware of the Ultimate Phone Upgrade program on Tuesday. This program provides customers with the finest phone and gadget bargains currently offered when they trade in an older model. This promotion is available to customers who have the Unlimited Ultimate smartphone plan.


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