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Top 5 Registered Office Address Providers



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Registered Office Address Providers: Anyone who dreams of starting a limited company in the UK appreciates the need to have a registered office. This is part of the registration process required in the company formation process. Therefore, find the correct address that best represents your business and interest. While using your home address during this process is possible, using a different address independent of your personal life.

Fortunately, you can always get the perfect address by contacting a few renowned and reliable address providers. Mentioned below are some of the best address providers you can always count on. Find the one that matches your needs better and engage them.


How to Settle for the Best Service Provider

Newcomers will appreciate knowing the best registered office services in UK, especially when they intend to pursue businesses. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start with your registration. While duties may be easy to delegate, it helps to know that you played a part in the process. The least you can do is get the right address for your business. You could consider several things when selecting the best address service provider. These include:

  1. Cost considerations
  2. Customer service (go for service providers with extra services in their package offer)
  3. Availability of a receptionist
  4. Telephone numbers
  5. Business address

Remember that a good address service provider is meant to help provide legitimacy to your company address. You must not have a physical address that customers can come to, but the numbers and contacts should be working. Make sure your customers can speak to someone every time they call. Below are some of the highly-rated service providers whose services you may want to consider when planning to open a business in the UK.

Northwest Registered Agent

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Image Address:

This company has affordable annual and monthly charges for its services. They are considered the best overall address providers for startups and small companies because they are reliable and inexpensive. Pick a suitable package and discuss the details of the services you want to come with the address.

They offer you an address that you can use in all your ads and forms, a telephone number that clients can reach you all the time, mail handling and mail forwarding services, and a receptionist to answer your client’s questions. You get a whole office address package and have to worry less about a reliable address even when your business is a virtual one. The only downside is that it is only available for specific locations.

You may have to seek other alternatives if you are not within the areas given. In addition, it is only available in seven regions. The costs offered by Northwest registered agents include a monthly charge of $49. You can also access services at $125 and VoIP at $9 each month. The expected services include:

  1. A physical address in a tax-friendly region. This virtual office comes with meeting suites, board rooms, and conference rooms, all of which are virtual. You can access a unique suite number directory listing since it does not reuse its suite numbers.
  2. Mail handling. The company will receive mail on your behalf, scan it on the same day, and forward it to your physical location in a week. Mail forwarding services are also available at $40 a month.
  3. Telephone services. Each office comes with a relevant phone number in a selected area code. You can also rest easy knowing that the office receptionist will answer your calls.
  4. Extra services. You may have to pay an extra charge to access additional services such as forming a new company, filing annual business compliance, mail forwarding, and registered agent services.

2. Mint Formations

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This company has two unique packages for companies looking to register their businesses and need an office address. These are standard and premier packages. They differ in prices and services offered. Standard packages go for an annual charge of £35, while premier packages require a yearly fee of £450. However, they both have certain shared services. These include:

  • Business address at a London location
  • Address availability for official documents
  • An official correspondence mail forwarding services
  • Lifetime customer support

Besides the shared services, a few perks only come with the premier package. These include:

  • The Knightsbridge London address
  • Monthly bills/ discounted annual charge
  • Business credibility and improved branding

All these benefits are easy to access with Mints Formations. All you have to do is follow their three-step system that begins with package selection, is followed by outlining business details, and ends with getting immediate access to the new company address.

3. UBC

UBC also offers diverse office services for different locations in UK cities. For example, it has addresses in Southampton and Birmingham. Some of its office services include call answering, meeting rooms, related facilities, and mail forwarding services. In addition, they offer an exclusive phone number and have a dedicated receptionist for your office. So you get to experience a whole package for basic office needs.

4. Smith Field

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This office address service provider is categorized with premium or high-end services. The company offers addresses in London, with clients allowed to choose between Blackfriars and Farringdon as the two prominent locations. Besides that, it also provides office address and mail forwarding services but is open to moving beyond the virtual space needs.

You can get physical space, private offices, meeting rooms, and bike storage spaces. It is ideal for business owners who may still be unsure whether or not they want a virtual or physical space or those who may need to meet their clients at a physical position every once in a while.

5. Hoxton Mix

This is another premium office address service provider in Shoreditch. It has different packages for its diverse clients ranging from basic mail forwarding to mail scanning services. It also helps with call answering and co-working spaces when needed. Hoxton Mix is a perfect choice if you want a transparent and straightforward solution with no hidden charges.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous office service providers in the UK that new business owners aspiring to register their companies can turn to. You do not have to own an actual physical office if you cannot afford it at the time. Anyone can register their business with legitimate addresses with office address services available. Just know what services you want and choose a package that works for you.


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