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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Asian Stock Market

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The coronavirus pandemic that hit China, and later on the globe, in late 2019 has had an enormous impact on the world and the stock market. Now, over half a year later, the pandemic has made its mark and people are still reeling from the consequences of the devastating disease.

It’s not just the tragic loss of thousands of human lives that the pandemic left in its wake, but mass disruption in the economic circuit of nearly every country in the world. As the epicenter of the virus, China’s stock market felt the impact of this full force, along with most of Asia.

During the Brunt of It

With measures to protect the citizens from the global pandemic being put in place, businesses across Asia started shutting down for long periods, people were urged to stay in isolation, and big cities looked more like ghost towns rather than the bustling cultural melting pots they usually are. Without a doubt, all of this caused shares across the Asian stock market to plummet significantly.

The numbers don’t lie. Japan’s Nikkei 225 index suffered a loss of 1.4%. In Korea, the Kospi 180721 dropped 1.5%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng saw a decrease of 1.5%. Most of the other markets across Asia barely managed to finish flat during February. If you want more detailed information on how these stocks are faring now, you can try the best stock broker guide for beginner traders.

A Bumpy Road to Recovery

With Asian countries doing their best to support their local economies, things were starting to look up in the months that followed. This coupled with the effective prevention measures gave the people, and the stock market some room to finally breathe. Although through the following months there were quite a few ups and downs in regards to shares, things weren’t as bleak as before.

With China taking the lead in dealing with the consequences coronavirus left behind, most of Asia followed suit. Asian economies are slowly starting to rebuild the core damage they experienced, and for the first time a while, Asian citizens are starting to catch a glimpse of what looks like hope.

What the Future Holds

Nothing is certain when talking about the future. Sadly, Coronavirus is still alive and well, and while the brightest minds around the globe are doing everything they can to contain it, we can’t know for sure when that’s going to be. What we do know is that there’s a lot of promise ahead. The number of coronavirus recoveries is rising by the day, while the toll of infected is dropping.

The hope that things are going to get better has spilled over to the Asian stock market. With new trials for a vaccine showing great promise, Asian stock markets have jumped significantly in the second half of May. Hopes for a better future are high, and if you’re looking to make a potential investment somewhere in the Asian stock market, now might be a perfect time.