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The Huge Impact of Tijuana’s Expanding Economy on the US



The Huge Impact of Tijuana's Expanding Economy on the US

Tijuana is a city that has been growing at an incredible rate over the past decade with the manufacturing company tacna. This growth has been fueled by Tijuana’s proximity to the United States and its large population. There are now more than 600 maquiladoras in Tijuana, which employ about 100,000 people from both countries. The success of these manufacturing operations has led to a booming economy for Tijuana and increased spending on goods and services throughout Mexico.

How Is The Economy Affecting Us?

Mexico’s economic growth in recent decades has made it the country with the highest per capita income in Latin America. Still, this wealth hasn’t been shared equally across population segments or geographic regions. And while many cities are transforming into dynamic global centres attracting new business ventures, other areas remain stagnant due to high levels of poverty exacerbated by lack of employment opportunities coupled with a crime by a lack of education.

— Tijuana has become one of the premier cities for maquila in Mexico, which are factories where products from the US can be assembled and exported back to America without incurring tariffs or duties.

These high levels of exporting have created jobs and prosperity within Tequila that would not exist without these operations and strained public services such as schools and hospitals with higher demand on resources.

What Are The Challenges??

— Tijuana has been on the receiving end of US trade tariffs for decades, and this is continuing under President Biden.

— Tariffs have made it more expensive to export goods from Tijuana back into the United States, increasing prices across the board, which can be detrimental to lower-income consumers in Mexico.

Get Tijuana Manufacturing Jobs

Many people are moving to Tijuana because of the high demand for jobs. There is always a need for workers in different industries. People from all over Mexico and other parts of the world come to live, work, and study in Tijuana. With this rapid population growth, there has been an increase in many opportunities, such as employment with maquiladoras or foreign manufacturing operations.

The average salary range can depend on where one works but typically ranges between $150-USD 300/month before taxes (between 20-40k pesos). This may not look like much if you’re used to living in US dollars, but it’s enough to cover basic needs, including housing expenses, because of the availability of low-cost labour.

Areas Where Tijuana Manufacturing available?

Tijuana is the largest city in Baja, California and one of Mexico’s fastest-growing cities. – With over 600 maquiladoras, there are plenty of opportunities for workers in different industries: textiles, electronics, Medical Devices, Hub for automobile parts, aerospace components, and consumer products.

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