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The CASHe GOLDe Rewards Program Is Now Live



The CASHe GOLDe Rewards Program Is Now Live

(CTN News) – It has been announced that CASHE, an Indian credit-led, artificial intelligence-driven financial wellness platform, has launched GOLDe Rewards, an innovative rewards program that is backed by digital gold for both prospective borrowers and users of its platform.

Users are rewarded with GOLDe Rewards in the form of digital gold coins corresponding to 1% of every loan transaction.

These coins are deposited in a gold jar made available to them on the CASHe app. A user will be entitled to earn GOLDe Rewards up to 5% of the loan amount obtained from CASHe as part of the company’s new year promotional launch offer.

A promotional launch offer will be available from December 28, 2022 through January 2, 2023.

Customers who have borrowed loans with tenures of three, six, nine, or twelve months will be eligible to participate in the GOLDe Rewards program offered by CASHE.

In addition, the company stated that it would deposit GOLDe rewards worth 40 crores to over 25 million users as part of its grand new year launch.

In the CASHe app, every GOLDe reward point that the user earns is equivalent to one unit of digital gold worth INR 1.

It is possible to convert the GOLDe reward points accumulated by users into digital gold.

This gold can then be redeemed for movie tickets, dining at a restaurant, or even deposited into the users’ bank accounts.

Augmont-powered digital gold stored in the gold jar provides users with a safe, easy, and reliable method of buying, selling, and redeeming 99.99 percent pure 24k digital gold.

CASHe’s Chief Technology Officer & Chief Business Officer, Yashoraj Tyagi, commented on the launch of GOLDe Rewards, “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at CASHe.

Our customers have always motivated us to innovate in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience. With the launch of this industry-first gold rewards program, we believe that our relationship with our customers will extend beyond the traditional transactional mode and we will be able to provide even more value to them.

It is our intention that the GOLDe rewards program will lead to deeper engagement with our existing users as well as attracting millions of new users to the platform.”

“This rewards program was designed with the millennials and GenZs in mind who are increasingly tapping into the digital gold space as the demand and interest in this commodity are on the rise.

” The CASHe platform makes it possible for millions of users to earn rewards points in the form of digital gold right on the CASHe platform, and gold is a powerful wealth protector and creator,” he stated.


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