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The Best Ways to Research Stocks When Trading in the Stock Market



The Best Ways to Research Stocks When Trading in the Stock Market

How does one get into the stock market? What is the next big winner? With just a small investment of your time, you will be able to live out your greatest fantasies–or simply put a little away in a responsible nest egg. Is there a secret to knowing which stocks to purchase when playing the stock market? Perhaps. But how does the novice investor access the secret to stock-market success?

The Basics of Stock Research

Investing is not particularly challenging, in theory. You simply need a few bucks a NASDAQ earnings calendar (or none, depending on the firm you wish to start an account with) and the ability to enter a few key pieces of information online. Boom. You’ve got an account. Put in a few bucks, buy a stock. This post isn’t geared toward the particular trading site you should park your account with–it’s about what you park in your account–how do you pick your stocks to populate your account? Or, to put it bluntly, the big question that most folks want answers to–from novices to the big firms alike–is “what is the next big winner?”

For most folks, this means that you’ll rely on the cumulative research of someone else, on some level. How do you go about picking your picker?

Looking for an Oracle

Now, most people have heard the story of Warren Buffett. However, most people don’t have an inside line to the “Oracle of Omaha” and his picks for the next winner. But there are plenty of ways to, with a little digging, find some guidance on your picks.

In this instance, stock market news aggregators–Fox Business, CNN Business, and the like that can be found by simply searching phrases like “stock market news.” But for most folks, the information can be a bit overwhelming, and at best, a crapshoot of trying to find the right piece of information at the right time of day. Most people don’t have the time to delve into the mountains of available trading data that these sites have to offer.

The Chosen Ones

The nice part of the internet age is that this is largely unnecessary legwork for the novice investor. Rather, the small-money (or small-time) investor can find those who have the track records of success, and bank on the continuation of this success, with a continuous “put-up or shut-up” demand from their clients. Such a person exists in the person of Doug Casey, aka the Stock Dork.

Why wade through the muck and mire of the exhaustive information that’s put out, daily, nightly, seemingly in an unrelenting press to outdo some imaginary protagonist? The average person can easily access a site like the aforementioned one offered by a pro like Mr. Casey, give his picks and information a cursory run, and bank on his continued success.

If someone is willing to make picking trading stocks for people their profession, and thus can only survive by ensuring the happiness of folks who demand the simplicity of “tell me where to put my money and then get out of the way,” it seems that this is the most simplistic and straightforward way to get into investing.


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