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Switzerland’s High Return Rate On Online Purchases



Switzerland's High Return Rate On Online Purchases

(CTN News) – In Switzerland, 15.6% of all purchases are made online, which is slightly higher than the European average of 15.5%, according to a survey conducted by delivery company DPD.

It should be noted, however, that Swiss e-shoppers are far above the European average when it comes to returning items.

In the country of Switzerland, the most common items that are purchased online are books, clothing and shoes. Online books, shoes, and clothes account for 49 % of all purchases, while 6 % of all purchases are made via the internet.

Switzerland had higher percentages of books (46%) than European averages, shoes (50%) and clothes (58%) compared with European averages for each of these items.

There were two main motivating factors cited by online shoppers for shopping online: convenience and saving money.

Among Swiss e-shoppers, 72 % believe that doing their shopping on the Internet saves them time, while 51 % also think that it conserves them money as well.

A further 63 percent of regular online shoppers believe that internet shopping is less stressful than shopping in a store because it is more convenient.

There are many benefits to shopping online, including the opportunity to save time and money. It does not allow clothing or shoes to be tested for fit, which is something that online retailers have tried to resolve by providing free returns on their products.

According to the survey conducted in Switzerland, 27% of the regular e-shoppers surveyed returned their last order in comparison to the European average of 12%.

The reason for this is unclear. There is a hypothesis that this is due to the possibility offered in Switzerland to have items shipped ahead of payment. This is fairly uncommon in other parts of the world, according to RTS.

In terms of returns, Zalando is one of the leading companies. It is estimated that 50% of all returns in Europe are to the company itself.

It appears, however, that the free return honeymoon is coming to an end. It has been reported recently that a number of large online retailers are now charging for returns.

Moreover, Zalando now only offers free returns for orders that are over CHF 30 in value, as opposed to CHF 30 previously.

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