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Steps To Perform Search Engine Marketing Campaigns Correctly For Attaining Tangible Results

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Search engine marketing [SEM] refers to paid search campaigns like Google Ads. It is a set of tools, strategies, and techniques that help in website optimization for better visibility on search engines. SEM aims to fain better positioning on popular search engines and sites. SEM incorporated in digital marketing is beneficial in several ways. It helps to –

  • Drive qualified traffic towards your landing page.
  • Make your business known across the world.
  • Track conversion rates to ensure that the paid ads are effective.
  • Create brand awareness and credibility.

For your business in Australia, get in touch with the search marketing experts. The experts can help to build an effective and functional Search engine marketing plan for better ROI.

Tips to perform Search engine marketing campaign correctly 


Ensure that the keywords used in the ads are relevant. For example, if you are in a spa business then ensure to use keywords concentrated around massage and natural therapies. If your business does not treat misaligned spine then stay away from keywords like sciatica disk treatment.

Never be very specific

Choose keywords but not very specific. The phrase, ‘A Spa Center specializing in massage and sauna treatment in Australia’ sounds great and defines your business perfectly but according to SERPs, you need a short keyword for effectiveness like Spa Center Australia.

Good keywords drive traffic

If you identify that the target keywords are not bringing traffic then refurbish the keywords. Google Analytics help to monitor conversion rates. Be flexible to change keywords because it is a time-consuming task and starts with trial & error.

A/B testing for better ads

Through A/B testing check the effectiveness of the ads and use the one with the potential to drive qualified customers. A/B testing pages and paid marketing are tightly knitted. If the keywords you are don’t transform into impressions or clicks don’t convert, then paid traffic funnel is not operating best. A/B testing of the paid ad increases conversion rate and value.

Use AI 

Artificial intelligence is crucial for Google Adwords. Cost per click is minimized and from Google, you gain maximum traffic. Special robot ‘Albert’ is used by Google Adwords. The tool integrates, conducts auctions, and monitors the effectiveness of ad campaigns running on diverse platforms ranging from search engines to email marketing.

Simplify the product purchasing process

Remember 72% of online buyers are partially satisfied, while 10% are completely dissatisfied with the ease of shopping on e-commerce websites. The satisfaction rate of satisfied online shoppers is 18%. To run an effective Search engine marketing campaign, perform an analysis to detect glitches. Check the length of the purchase process and analyze each one to find out when the customer bounces or abandons the cart. Make the product purchasing process as easy as possible.

Keep track of competitors

Online business means you have to compete against global brands big and small 24 x 7. You need to offer something fresh regularly to maintain customers’ interest necessary for lead generation and conversion. Sometimes, you may fail even after putting in a lot of resources in your SEM campaign. Therefore keep track of your competitor’s activities and tweak your SEM campaign, accordingly.

In this competitive environment, use Search engine marketing campaigns to save time, cut costs, and improve ROI as much as possible.



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