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Shipping Heavy Equipment State To State

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For those working in the construction industry, you may encounter a time when you need a heavy equipment transport to a new location in order to start a new project or to supplement your current on-site equipment. And although there may be times the process of shipping heavy machinery may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This is especially true if you decide to work with a reputable transport and logistics provider.

In the following article, we will attempt to explain everything you should know about the heavy machinery shipping process.

Make A Plan For The Machinery You Need Moved

Depending on the type of heavy equipment you need to transport and its delivery location, there are a few things to take into consideration before contacting a transport company.

  • Oversized Loads: If you need to move a particularly large piece of machinery like a tractor or excavator, it may fall under the criteria of an oversized load transport. In this case you will be required to obtain the necessary permits and possible escort vehicles needed to transport an oversized load. Your transport company should be able to help you with this process.
  • State to State: If your heavy machinery needs to travel through multiple states, you may be required to obtain special permits while ensuring that all state laws are being adhered to throughout the equipment’s entire journey. This is also something the transport company should be able to help you with if you don’t have the experience handling it on your own.
  • Pickup and Delivery: You will have to think about the accessibility of the machinery for loading and unloading. A large excavator for example should be moved from a muddy area first to a paved even area prior to being loaded onto the trailer. As for the unloading process, you should consider the capabilities of the truck and select an area with appropriate terrain and ground conditions.
  • Weather: Be sure to keep an eye on the weather throughout its transit route. It can sometimes be worth it to wait for a snow or serious rain storm to pass. Harsh weather can create delays for your transport and expose it to greater risks that can be avoided.

Choose A Reputable And Experienced Transport Company

Once you have planned some of the basic parameters of your transport, and taking some of the factors from above into consideration, you can move on to contacting a transport company that specializes in heavy hauling. Even if you have equipment that could move your own machinery, it’s a much safer bet letting professionals handle these types of transports.

Check with friends or family and see if they have any recommendations for a reputable transport company. You can check the company out on the BBB and read the reviews and take a look at some of the complaints and see how the company responded to the complaint/grievance by the customer and see how the company handled the issue in a satisfactory manner to the customer. This will help give you an idea of how a prospective company tends to treat their customers in the event of a problem or damages.

You can also search Google and see the prospective transport company’s online reviews and ratings and read some of the feedback provided by customers about the company. Google is probably the most popular as far as reviews go, but you can also get some great reviews and feedback from customers on several other review sites like Yelp, Facebook and TrustPilot to name a few. There will likely be several other niche related review sites as well, depending on the type of company you are looking to get information about. With regard to our specific needs, we could also look at some review sites related to the transportation industry in general. Sites such as TransportReviews.com, ConsumerAffairs.com, and MyMovingReviews.com are relevant and can provide some useful information to help you with the decision making process and hiring the right transport company to best handle your specific situation and requirements.

Get Several Quotes Before Making A Decision

Now that you have a list put together of your top contending transport companies you feel would make a good fit to handle your heavy machinery transport job, you can begin getting some quotes for the job. Depending on the type of equipment you need to haul, its dimensions, total weight and overall transit distance; you can submit this information and quickly receive an estimate for your job. You can then take and compare the quotes and available services offered by each company and make a decision from your list of potential transport company candidates.

Choose A Transport Company That Offers The Best Services For The Price

While you may feel tempted to go with the transport company that offers you the cheapest quote for your job, this may not always translate to getting the best services. Remember the old saying; you get what you pay for? This is more often than not a very true statement especially in this particular situation and should never be your sole reasoning to hire any company, regardless of the services provided. Your best bet and way to improve your odds of having a great experience that meets or exceeds your expectations is to find a balance between services provided, experience as well as the pricing for the job.

Look at the prospective company’s qualifications, industry experience and customer reviews and complaints. Look for a company that can provide guaranteed services as well as pickup and delivery time frames that are accurate and convenient to you as the customer. Make sure that the company you go with has exceptional customer service skills and will quickly respond to your questions and concerns should they arise. Great communication is vital in these types of jobs. Being able to reach and access all those who are involved with your transport, be it the customer service reps down to the driver of the big rig hauling your equipment; this is what will make or break a customer’s experience and will dictate if they will be a loyal customer again in the future and if they will leave a positive and glowing review recommending the transport company to others and giving them praise for their services opposed to having a customer with a horrible experience and full of anger and resentment. These unhappy customers can easily tarnish a company’s online reputation and leave scathing reviews that serve to not only damage a company’s online reputation but also serves as a warning to all would be customers about their personal negative experience and reasons why a new potential customer should stay away.

This can easily impact any business, hindering its growth and preventing the acquisition of new clientele, particularly when these types of negative experiences are mentioned publicly and on display for all to read, easily influencing potential customers and their decision to hire that company. This can quickly damage earnings and company growth by having these types of negative reviews and commentary posted all over, essentially serving as a warning to any new customers to beware, and Stay Away!

Depending on the services and quotes you receive, along with all the other contributing factors listed above, you should now know the best way to secure a reputable and experienced transport company that not only fits your budget and requirements, but is as perfect as can be expected to ensure the best possible outcome and experience you could hope to have.

Transporting heavy machinery from state to state may seem like an intimidating task, however, if you plan accordingly and follow our essential tips for choosing the right shipping company, the entire transport process will be as smooth as possible.

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