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Shipping Containers For Sale



Shipping Containers For Sale

Every day, thousands of containers arrive at seaports from countries all around the world.

They are carried aboard liner ships, which offer regularly scheduled service on fixed routes – much like a bus or train service does.

Each shipment represents a specific supply chain, whether it is patio furniture from Thailand bound for a Milan retailer, avocados from Chile destined for a supermarket in Berlin.

or – as illustrated here – shoes shipped from China to an athletic supply store in Europe or North America.

Every supply chain is unique and involves the timely and accurate transfer of goods between various modes of transport.

Goods transported by ocean containers on liner ships can be placed into the container at the factory origin, farm or at other locations where cargo is consolidated.

The container is locked and sealed so the goods can remain safely secured inside the container and transported with unprecedented efficiency until it arrives at the purchasers’ warehouse, factory, or store.

For this reason, more than 50 percent of the value of goods moved internationally by sea is now moving in containers on liner ships.


Benefits of container shipping

There are numerous benefits to container shipping, one of the key ones being increased efficiency.

A large container ship could carry over 200,000 sea containers in a single year, and around 8000 on a single voyage. It would take hundreds of aircraft and fleets of trucks to get anywhere near moving the same amount of freight.

This is also why Ocean Container shipping is the most environmentally friendly method of transportation.

Producing less exhaust gas emissions than rail freight, road freight or air freight.

Vetting agency RightShip has developed an online “GHG Emissions Rating” as a systemised way for the industry to compare a ship’s CO2 emissions to similar sized vessels.

The use of higher rated ships can deliver significantly lower CO2 emissions across the voyage length.

Why do you need a Shipping Container?

You need a container for your business or company due to the several advantages that come hand in hand with them.

Some of the pros of using a shipping container are as follows:

They are suitable for storage of a variety of goods. From heavy bulky goods to livestock and flammable products.

Surety of the safety of your cargo. This is a secure means of goods transportation.

The containers are versatile and flexible. Therefore, they are easily movable across diverse locations.

They are strong and durable thus, and they can be used over and over again without being written off (usually for many years).

The containers can be used over various global destinations since they are internationally accepted.

They are also vast and spacious, offering you just the adequate space you require for your consignment.

Affordable and effective, hence offers low transportation cost plus initial inexpensive buying cost.

It can be modified and used with other accessories, e.g. padlocks, and lock boxes, to suit your needs.

Available in different sizes and therefore offers you the chance to select your preferred size from 20 feet to 40 feet container.

By now am sure you have already made up your mind that you need a shipping container.

But before you make a purchase, you need to decide on the most suitable type.

With that in mind, why don’t we look at the various types of these containers?


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