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Retail Markets 2019: What Global Trends Are We Likely To See?




Every day, millions of traders take their investment platform of choice to trade and deal in commodities. For this reason, we constantly see changing trends emerging throughout the year, all of which can be influenced by ongoing trends in their market of origin.

For retail markets, the trends all depend on consumer demands and behavior throughout the year, but they can also be some of the simplest to predict. By paying attention to the way that consumers are behaving, it can be much easier to determine everything from the next uplift for Amazon, to the Alibaba share price due to hit the market. We’re taking a closer look at what 2019 may hold, below.

Choice And Flexibility Will Flourish

Retail POS provider Vend claimed that this year, retailers will have to become far more flexible if they hope to secure a substantial chunk of the market. With around 82% of all consumers claiming that they would be far more likely and willing to purchase something that offers multiple different delivery options, brands that only offer standard delivery could fall behind in 2019. With the increase in demand for next and same day delivery and for instant collection opportunities in-store, having the ability and option to choose the method of choice can be the final step needed to secure a sale.

While not every business will be able to secure the same scale as leading companies like Amazon, but changes in strategy, resource-deployment and simply offering something unique compared to more local competitors.

Brand Belief Will Play A Key Part For Customers And Investors

Every brand has its unique selling points, but not every company is open and willing to push their beliefs through their day-to-day selling. For retailers that utilize their morals and values, this can work as a reason for purchase in and of itself. Sustainability is set to be the biggest focus of this year as the world gains a bigger understanding and concern for our environment, money saving and more. Both consumers and investors are likely to start opting for companies that have a worthwhile mission. For example, companies like Lush, The Body Shop, ASOS Recycled Denim, Whole Foods Markets and more are all offering sustainable, animal-friendly and conscious products, and are gaining the attention and investment they deserve as a result.

Major Political And Economic Events Will Play A Part

There’s one word on everyone’s lips across the pond in Europe, and that is Brexit. Despite the UK’s departure from the EU being a continental concern, it can, will and already has affected the global economy, including the investment markets. As uncertainty creeps into consumer’s minds, companies are starting to struggle to get the money, sales and consumer attention that they need.

This isn’t likely to be the only time we see political turmoil affecting the retail world this year, or any year to come. As the future of the US seems uncertain with the recent shutdown of the government and even Thailand are undergoing a major shift in refugee policy, the global retail world could change considerably over the next year as a result.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of the potential trends we could see, the above are some of the most prominent currently and certainly worth the attention now. How drastically they might affect the retail markets has yet to be seen, so watch this space.






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