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Polls Indicates Cost of Living the Number One Concern in Thailand



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A resent poll shows the high cost of living tops the lists of problems faced by people today in Thailand. The poll was conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.

The survey, conducted on 1,207 people nationwide, also asked the respondents for their ideas on how to solve them.

A large majority, 65.5%, of those polled said the most serious problem is expensive products and the high cost of living.  Among the proposed solutions were; imposing price control, lowering fuel prices and punishing those taking advantage of people.

Some 39.2% choose the sluggish economy as the second most critical problem. They believe it is caused by the government’s inability to solve problems. Also the strong baht and a decline in tourism. They suggest the government implement more effective policies and use the budget more effectively.

The respondents suggest the government create new jobs and take remedial measures to help affected workers.

Unemployment on the Rise in Thailand

Polled citizens think the government should take actions to increase salaries and wages, lower taxes, as well as interest rates, and extend loan repayment periods.

Also cited by 17.5% of the respondents, is a decline in exports, trade and investments. They say the government should also bolster confidence among foreigners and investors. The government should promote tourism and also come up with more economic stimulus measures.

Cap on product prices in Thailand

When asked what they want the government to do, 54.3% say it should cap product prices. And also apply measures to lower the cost of living; 38.1% suggest it should take urgent measures to create jobs; and 31.1% say it should improve the quality of life.

On who and what agencies they think can help solve the problems, 47.9% point to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha; 32.8% choose ministries such as finance, commerce, labor, industry and agriculture; while 24.9% mention the opposition, particularly Pheu Thai and Future Forward parties.

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