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NgernTidLor’s IT Roadmap Focuses on the Customer

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NgernTidLor is a financial services company in Thailand that focuses its time and energies on providing banking services and products to low-income citizens of the country. The company has been involved in this niche area of financial services for around thirty years. In that time, they’ve learned that the digital age has a lot to offer in their business model.

Offering fair and transparent financial services is the founding philosophy that built the company. More and more, they are finding that IT ,and digital technology can be the best conduits of these quality services. As more of their customers invest in a smartphone, they’ve been able to introduce services that utilize this technology. NgernTidLor’s IT department has grown from a handful of employees ten years ago to employing 250 devoted IT people today.

NgernTidLor Using Technology to Your Advantage

Their customers encompass people from all over the country. The company serves 45 communities in 23 provinces in Thailand. As the company has grown, they’ve made notes of all the needs of their customers. It became apparent many years ago that digital technology would be the guiding force to the company’s development.

By combining the needs of their customers with the available technology, they could streamline access to their services. NgernTidLor used the popular app LINE to create an Official Account (@Tidlor).

Customers fell in love with the account.

It proved to offer help and services such as the ability to check account balances, credit limits, loan due dates, and provide access to NTL cash cards customers could use in over 80,000 ATMs all over Thailand.

Plans for the Future

With such an overwhelmingly positive response to their foray into the world of digital services, the company saw that their future lay in providing an expanded list of digital services to their customers. By focusing on the needs of the customer as a business strategy, its customer base increased over the years to support its massive IT department.

Today, the company has plans to launch a dedicated mobile app that provides an expanded roster of services that include the ability to pay bills from smartphones as well as perform account transfers. These are services that customers of the company used to have to do in person in branches all over the country.

The strength of the services offered by NgernTidLor comes from the power of the IT department they’ve built up over the years. And supported by such an undeniable asset, they adopted the attitude that there is nothing they can’t do or service they can’t provide if they all put their minds to coming up with a viable solution.

This attitude perfectly suits their customers, as their needs can change with the financial times and economic realities. The developers at NgernTidLor are well-prepared to offer new and better services to the customers who give their lives purpose and direction. In this respect, the company has established a perfectly symbiotic relationship with its customers.


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