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MongoDB, Toll Brothers, Dave & Buster’s, And More Stocks Move After Hours



MongoDB, Toll Brothers, Dave & Buster's, And More Stocks Move After Hours

(CTN News) – As a result of the Toll Brothers company’s financial results for the quarter, extended trading volumes for the company’s database platform increased by 26%.

This was following the release of its financial results for the quarter. As a result of the company’s announcement last week, Mongo users now have good news to cheer about.

This is because they have an optimistic revenue outlook for the fourth quarter as well as a higher profit margin than expected.

Despite the fact that the operator of restaurants and video arcades had better-than-expected revenue and earned earnings that were in line with forecasts, the Toll Brothers company’s shares dropped by 5%, according to Definitive.

Compared to the comparable period in 2021, pro forma walk-in comparable store sales decreased by 2.4% over the same period in 2022.

As the Financial Times reports, Toll Brothers Signature’s share price declined 3% after the company was rumored to be looking to sell up to $10 billion of its crypto-related deposits.

Signature’s COO Eric Howell said at a Goldman Sachs conference on Tuesday that the company was considering offloading up to $10 billion in crypto deposits.

SBNY estimates that these $10 billion represent about 23% of the Toll Brothers total deposits of the company.

It hopes to cut this percentage to less than 20% by the end of the year, and eventually to less than 15%, according to the Financial Times.

The online styling service operator’s shares rose more than 2% for the first quarter of fiscal 2019 even though it posted a wider-than-expected quarterly loss of 50 cents per share for its fiscal first quarter, as compared with analysts’ estimates of a loss of 47 cents per share, according to FactSet.

It is pertinent to note that revenue for the quarter did not meet analysts’ estimates, nor did revenue guidance for the second quarter and full year of 2023.

The shares of the luxury homebuilder rose 1% after hours following the release of the company’s quarterly results. According to Definitive, Toll Brothers posted home sales revenue that was better than Wall Street’s expectations for the month of May.


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