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Metaverse Impact: Statista Forecasts $191 Billion In Ecommerce Sales By 2030



Metaverse Impact: Statista Forecasts $191 Billion In Ecommerce Sales By 2030

(CTN News) – Metaverse hype is betting on immersive experiences in the future. A minimum viable Metaverse concept has been developed in response to the convergence of emerging digital trends such as virtual worlds and spatial media, blockchain adoption, and remote productivity.

While many questions remain unanswered, it is clear today that the potential is enormous – as Statista’s Digital Economy Compass 2022 shows.

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Hedge fund letters, conferences, and more for Q3 2022

A multi-strategy hedge fund outperforms and draws cash in

In spite of their notoriously high fees, “multi-strategy” hedge funds like Millennium, Citadel, Point72, Balyasny and Bridgewater have posted some of the highest returns in the hedge fund industry this year.

Rather than charging a standard percentage management fee, multi-strategy funds typically levy a “pass-through” fee that passes every single expense along to their clients

It is expected that the digital media sector will continue to grow

Hamburg is in Germany. After TV, gaming is the strongest revenue-generating market in the digital media sector. According to Statista, the market is expected to reach $499 billion in 2027, making it the strongest market in the world at that time.

In terms of revenue, digital video will move into second place ($477 billion) and TV will fall into third place ($386 billion). As a result, it appears that the gaming market is already defining a new digital economy.

The gaming industry is one of the most interesting segments of the media sector where Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR) are being developed. Until now, this market has been considered a niche.

In the coming years, however, forecasts estimate that gaming will overtake television and digital video as the sector with the highest revenues.

AR & VR allow for the immersive simulation of a world where multiple users can enter simultaneously in the first person perspective. This allows for a strong sense of community. Thus, the potential for creating an immense social hub is enormous.

There’s a lot of money being bet on the metaverse by technology companies

Because of this, major technology companies are betting on the Metaverse. Several supply chain elements of the Metaverse ecosystem have been heavily invested in by Meta and Apple, for example. A total of 36 billion dollars has been invested so far.

Since 2020, Meta has sold 15 million Oculus VR headsets. The Metaverse is pushing VR experiences like Horizon Worlds, its flagship app.

ECommerce and digital assets are expected to show the highest growth rates in the Metaverse. According to analysts, eCommerce sales will reach $191 billion by 2030, for example.

The Statista advertising & media outlook for 2022

Many major players have noticed a slowdown in performance due to global factors such as the Russia-Ukraine war, inflation, and supply chain shocks.

Through the Metaverse, frictionless trading can be restored. ECommerce and the digital asset market are expected to show the greatest growth in the Metaverse.

Accordingly, the Metaverse will inevitably change the way people interact in the physical and digital worlds. Companies will surely pay attention to a seismic shift towards digital worlds that creates new potential for the new economy.

Each year, the Digital Economy Compass is published.

It covers the most relevant data about the digital economy and its potential for development. In addition to external data, the report contains a great deal of proprietary information as well.

In addition to the Digital Economy Compass, we offer our own research and market analysis under a targeted product family. From January 2023, will offer it for free.


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