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Malaysia and Thailand Find Better Choices to Extend e-Commerce Services



Malaysia and Thailand: Better Choices to Extend e-Commerce Services

E-commerce services indicates selling or purchasing any commodity over the internet and that includes secured transactions. Online shopping is another favorable way through which people use to recognize e-commerce.

When it comes to E-commerce website development in ASEAN countries then countries naming Malaysia and Thailand are doing very well. Despite numerous constraints, they have come a long way and there’s more to explore.

The E-commerce services available in Malaysia and Thailand offer lucrative opportunities to grab imported items. Additionally, there are several payment options available such as card payments, bank transfer, cash-on-delivery and much more. Thailand and Malaysia-based online E-commerce services have become the bestsellers of fashions, beauty, tech products. And, according to market analysts, the E-commerce industry can earn double by 2024.

What Influences the Customers for the E-Commerce Sector in Thailand and Malaysia?

Malaysia and Thailand are currently in better positions at a website design agency for developing E-commerce websites, being developed countries the chances of gaining profit also expands. Online shopping destinations such as eBay, Alibaba, Lazada, Tokopedia, etc have led the E-commerce sector to expect a surge in the upcoming years.

In both Malaysia and Thailand, there is a mobile first market place but it is also important to develop a website as well. E-commerce companies often choose to first develop a website, then expand to a mobile app because of the higher costs associated with app development.

Moreover, Chinese tech gadgets and innovative beauty products are responsible for such manifesting growth within the E-commerce industry. Let’s sneak into the reasons behind the tremendous growth of E-commerce website development services in Malaysia and Thailand.

Geological Hindrances are Overcome

ASEAN countries possess densely populated areas as well as large space-occupying forestation. Moreover, there are discrete islands too. Customers of E-Commerce services noticed that they are getting deliveries though they live in remotest places. As the E-commerce website authorities are getting more engaged in business to consumer facilities, hence, the delivery becomes hassle-free.

Digitally Advanced Middle-Class Consumers

According to recent surveys regarding E-commerce websites and their trade history, it has been found that most of the consumers belong to middle-class families. However, the internet is almost available to everyone in Thailand and Malaysia, so the e-commerce sites are hitting new milestones for reaching customers. Tech-savvies are more likely to order products from such E-commerce websites and mobile apps.

Additionally, such people are also afraid of online scam. Once they discover discounted items and cash-on-delivery payment they easily agree for the deals. And, this is one of the promotional strategies from e-commerce stores. In addition to this, people get to view pictures of the generic products along with product reviews. It increases their day-to-day interest in online shopping and the E-commerce site gains a plethora of potential benefits.

Mobile Applications

When any E-commerce website launches in Thailand and Malaysia, it readily introduces its mobile applications too. The reason behind this is that most of the consumers are spending time on their mobile phones. From teenagers to aged ones, everyone is enjoying mobile shopping through mobile applications and E-commerce websites.

Links to Social Media Platforms

Social media handles are great to promote your business products and services. Most importantly, it works without any hindrance when you connect your E-commerce website to social media advertisements. This is what the leading E-commerce dealers are doing in Thailand and Malaysia.

The leaders are using social media platforms- these include Instagram, Facebook to promote the products. And, a large number of the population of these two countries follow Facebook and Instagram trends. Hence, it extends the use of E-commerce websites in an upward direction.

Digital Payment Options

Other developed and developing countries’ E-commerce service providers have to deal with mostly cash-on-delivery options, whereas Malaysia and Thailand are two exceptions. People prefer to make online payments through bank transfer and e-wallets.

The prime E-wallet service providers are GooglePay, PayPal, Alipay, etc. However, mostly youths show a keen interest in digital payments. However, people ageing from 45 to 64 and up like to rely upon cash on delivery systems.

Current Trends in E-Commerce Services

Malaysia and Thailand are an emerging name with respect to new trends in E-commerce website development. It indirectly explores new opportunities to excel in the E-commerce industry. Some of the influencing trends in the market of Malaysia and Thailand are:

Access to Branded and Imported Products

Outlier E-commerce websites can easily import products to Malaysia and Thailand. This is just because of high cross border spending. However, customers who are interested in imported brands, and especially when they are not locally available, they have to depend on such E-commerce sites.

Moreover, all the globally popular products are available through these sites at an incredible deal. These factors leverage the existence and profit of E-commerce websites in Thailand and Malaysia.

Faster Shipping and Convenient Pricing

The customers like to save their effort and time by availing online shopping. And, E-commerce sites have made it possible to ship the ordered products almost within one week. It attracts most of the shoppers.

Additionally, the deals on such E-commerce sites seem appealing with discounted rates. People like to shop for fashion, health, beauty, home furnishing accessories through various shopping events. There you can experience a discount of up to 90 per cent.


Governments of these two countries are enforcing the use of more digital money rather than cash. And, recently Malaysia is showing outstanding results on this regulation and using less cash. With the advent of e-wallets such as GooglePay, PayPal and others, the E-commerce sites are availing more options to use e-wallets. Therefore, customers can conveniently purchase anything at any time through a secured mode of payment.

Top E-Commerce Websites in Malaysia and Thailand

When it comes to Malaysia then Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, eBay, Carousell, PrestoMall, and Hermo are the leading E-commerce sites. And, for Thailand, the pinnacle E-commerce destinations are Kazada, Zalora, WeLoveShopping, Ensogo, Tarad, J.I.B, iTrueMart, etc.

Why Choose Malaysia and Thailand to Extend your E-Commerce Sites?

In the upcoming years, the E-commerce industry in Malaysia and Thailand is going to hit new benchmarks from the aspect of gain. The government approaches towards E-commerce website and business are one of the main reasons for spurring circumstances in these two countries.

Additionally, one can offer a diverse range of products according to the interests of the customers. And, you need not stress about the payment policy as most would go with digital payment.

It’s all about Strategies…

You can flourish your e-commerce website development and business by availing knowledge about offline products. Additionally, a dive into social commerce along with potential different payment options would definitely benefit your E-commerce business. Moreover, an understanding of cultural, traditional and customary essentials would definitely help to spout up the E-commerce websites.


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