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Learn How to Register a Business Name The Best Way



Learn How to Register a Business Name The Best Way

Each year millions of businesses are formed in the US.

The statistics are clear.

In February 2023 alone, 429,800 new business applications were filed in the US.

How can you make your business stand out from the crowd and get people to remember it with so many other businesses coming up every day?

The answer is simple. Protect your identity.

Your business name is your identity—one of the things your customers remember your business by.

You need to learn how to register your business name to prevent other people from using it.

Follow this simple step-by-step process to register your business name.

1. Form a Legal Business Entity

Forming a legal business entity is a straightforward way to register your business.


Because when filing your paperwork, you’ll be required to provide a business name.

After checking the availability of your business name, you can register a Limited Liability Company or Corporation.

Once you file your paperwork for your business entity, no other business in the state will use or do business with your name.

Tip: To simplify your business registration process, you can use a reliable business formation service. Check out this in-depth guide prepared by GovDocFiling to learn how a service like Incile can help you file paperwork effortlessly.

2. Register a DBA or Assumed Name

If you wish to conduct business under a name that’s not your legal business name, then registering an assumed name or “Doing Business As” is a great idea.

It’s also a good idea if you wish to change your business name in the future.

Note that when you register a DBA, you will need to renew it every five years.

3. Apply for a Business Trademark

Another way to register a business name is to apply for a trademark at the state or federal level.

This will help to prevent other businesses from using your business name, logo, symbol, slogan, or any other entity registered under your business name.

Note that trademarks registered at the state level only protect your business entities (logo, slogan, symbol, etc.) from being used by other businesses within state borders.

Thus, you need to apply for a federal-level business trademark to protect your business nationwide.

Ready to Register Your Business Name?

Learning how to register a business name boils down to your needs and requirements.

No matter the method you choose, you must ensure the business name you want to register is available.

Hopefully, this simple guide will help you register your business name. Check out this infographic by GovDocFiling for more details.


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Author Bio:

Brett Shapiro is a co-owner of GovDocFiling. He had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young. He started GovDocFiling, a simple resource center that takes care of the mundane, yet critical, formation documentation for any new business entity.


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