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How to Maintain a Fleet of Cars – 2022 Guidelines



How to Maintain a Fleet of Cars

A fleet-based business can be one of the most difficult companies to run. Having a fleet of vehicles doesn’t mean that they’ll keep running irrespective of your decision-making.

Fleets need to be maintained or they’ll start breaking down and corrode away. Hence, fleet maintenance is extremely important. So, the following are 5 tips on how to maintain a fleet of company cars in 2022.

Advantages of Fleet Maintenance

The main benefit of a nicely kept fleet is that it won’t break down. If a fleet car isn’t maintained, it will be subjected to more wear and tear. This will damage its parts over time. The end result could be a massively pricey overhaul.

With a well-maintained fleet, your business can thrive. Your vehicles will be more reliable so as to prevent unforeseen stoppages. You’ll save more time and money, allowing your company to become more productive.

Your vehicles will also retain their resale values better. Maintain them with genuine spare parts and you’ll definitely lengthen their lives. Doing this will also make them more fuel-efficient.

At the end of the day, well-kept fleets will improve your brand awareness and reputation for timeliness.

How to Maintain Your Company’s Fleet of Cars?

So, we now know how important fleet maintenance can be. How can we make it happen though? The following points show you how:

#1: Fleet Management System

With the information age upon us, it is time that we rid ourselves of old book-keeping practices. This applies to fleet management as well. The is an influx of fleet managing software available today.

The larger fleet companies have special departments just for fleet management. But more so than often, they’re unable to track telematics as well as software can.

Fleet managers need to implement the software so that their data is not only conserved in a digital format. But also, so that they’re able to track data that they normally would miss out on.

Fleet management software can track where your vehicles are going and what the drivers are doing. Fuel consumption readings and maintenance indicators are some of the other advantages apart from the GPS service.

The software also keeps track of who’s driving which car and their driving habits. So, you can coach the ones who need to be guided better. In this way, fleet software can help you identify the problem and attack it at its source.

#2: Employee Guidance

Having well-trained operators is a key to success in the fleet management business. The employees drive the cars hence they’re the on-field workers in this case. If they have been briefed properly, they’ll work according to the plan.

Make sure to communicate only the best driving habits and procedures to them. Enforce the rules and regulations of the company by talking to them. Talk to them about the disadvantages of reckless driving.

You should also instruct them to report any signs of trouble in their respective vehicles. Also, tell them to get the issue fixed before anything serious happens. But remember, they shouldn’t spend money on needless repairs.

But before anything else, make sure that they have a valid driving license. This can save you from a lot of legal headaches.

#3: Fleet Insurance

If you can insure your car to save you money on a rainy day, then why skip out your more expensive fleet? Vehicular insurance will cover almost all sorts of damages that could be caused by mishaps in your drivers’ routines.

Look for the best programs out there and see which ones reward you more for insuring an entire fleet with them. Find the right one but don’t go over budget on it though.

#4: Old Vehicles Replacement

Running a fleet of old and battered vehicles is essentially like beating a dead horse. You’ll only lose time and money and you probably won’t even realize it. Companies only do this to save money on buying new.

However, the high cost of ownership will make sure your savings are squandered. Newer vehicles are more efficient and reliable so you need to replace your old ones with them.

Keep your old vehicles maintained so that they get you better resale values when you’re replacing them. Consult an expert before buying new based on market trends.

#5: Regular Tune-ups

You can never go wrong with scheduled maintenance. If your vehicles are in constant use under heavy-duty conditions, you should get them to check every 3000 miles. Otherwise, go synthetic and tune them at double the mileage.

Look for the service intervals in the vehicles’ owner’s manuals. Deal with reliable automotive parts supply, like Just make sure only use genuine spare parts, one can say that it will even make up for an operator’s bad driving habits.


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