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How Robotics Can Help Grow Business in Thailand

The idea that we can use robotics to help simplify our routines and develop our business has been around for quite some time now but it seems like the idea is finally becoming a widespread reality.



Nowadays it’s hard to find a field that doesn’t use technology. It has shifted from being it’s separate thing to now being a necessity if you want to do business. Technology is being incorporated worldwide to enhance the customer experience. It’s easy to see why so many companies are relying on technologies these days. People expect the service that is up to date and easy to use. This phenomenon is actually a worldwide thing. Countries with different incomes and regulations are now embracing tech innovations. Thailand is also one of them and moves in this direction very successfully.

Robots Serving Food in Restaurants

Specifically, the pioneer in this direction is Robot Cafe Restaurant. It is a local tourism-related services company that is helping Thailand adapt to innovative technologies. The restaurant recently ordered 20,000 robots from Chinese AI and humanoid robotics, from UBTech Robotics intending to create more learning centers in Thailand.

The co-founder of Robot Cafe Restaurant, Saranpong Daengdej commented on the new initiative saying that this is the first step toward developing these learning centers more and more in Thailand. But they aren’t planning to stop there. In the company’s near future plans there is the goal of expanding to up to 20 branches and with this new initiative, this goal seems as realistic as ever.

If all goes according to the plan in three years Robot Cafe Restaurants hopes to expand to 1000 branches.

Robotics in Tourism

That’s not all there is to these robots. They have a variety of skills. They speak 30 languages, they can clear the bills by themselves. They can recognize faces, collect data and use the data to offer their clients the relevant information and offers, as well as the menu tailored to their taste. Robots are able to process and provide information about tourism, hotels, customer experiences and basically every field imaginable. Using all these skills robots can take the business model in Thailand to another level, helping the companies grow easier while also attracting the investors and clients alike by their unique set up and offerings.

 Building Robots for Casinos

In November of this year, the robot casino dealers developed by the Hong-Kong based company LT Games were introduced to the public at the 2019 MGS Entertainment Show and attracted a lot of attention. The need for robots in the casino industry is actually quite high with one of the most common complaints being the lack of experienced dealers. So we should be able to see a robot dealer in Thailand casinos soon enough and undoubtedly they will have a huge success.

Medicine Adapting to Robotics

This year the technology also expanded into the medical sphere in Thailand. Thailand Board of Investment recently offered a wide range of investment promotion incentives of those manufacturing high-risk or high-technology medical devices. Medical robots have been promoted in Thailand for some time now, ranging from surgery, diagnosis rehabilitation and service robots.

It was back in 2017 when Ramathibodi Hospital, a leading government hospital in Bangkok performed the first robot-assisted brain surgery in Asia. Medical innovation is one of the leading fields where robots are being used more and more frequently.

Robotic Brain Surgery

Many experts are now saying that the market for robotics will grow immensely over the next few years and will allegedly hit 1.7 billion in just 3 years. The idea that we can use robotics to help simplify our routines and develop our business has been around for quite some time now but it seems like the idea is finally becoming a widespread reality.

With all the attention that this innovation has been getting it’s safe to assume that a lot of other learning facilities will soon want to be a part of this project as well. Whether or not this initiative works will be evident in the next few years.




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