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Full Review of CBD Tincture from JUSTCBD

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Full Review of CBD Tincture from JUSTCBD

CBD tinctures are highly concentrated CBD products that can be consumed in a number of ways.

For most, it is simply just the case of using a dropper to apply liquid under or on the tongue, allowing it to sit momentarily before swallowing.

Whereas others prefer to add it into their cups of tea/ coffee and consume it that way. Which way you choose really doesn’t matter as the benefits remain the same.

If you want to give it a try, buy CBD tincture from JUSTCBD, one of the leading CBD online stores.


CBD tinctures can vary a lot in price. If you head over to JUSTCBD you can select different options to choose the best one for you and your selections will determine the price.

Here are some of the prices they have on their website:

  • 50mg = $6.99
  • 100mg = $10.49
  • 250mg = $17.49
  • 550mg = $24.49
  • 1000mg = $38.49
  • 1500mg = $52.49
  • 3000mg = $83.99
  • 5000mg = $101.49

Please note that all these prices are based on ‘autoship and save’.

Lasting Time

CBD tinctures are long-lasting products. One dose will typically last between 4-6 hours. In this time, you will experience a range of benefits that the tincture offers.

It normally takes between 15-30 minutes for it to start working. The effects you feel will depend on the dosage size, which is why we always recommend to start with small dosage and work up once you feel comfortable, this will stop you experiencing side effects such as nausea and sickness.

Is It Safe?

CBD tincture is extremely safe. It isn’t possible to experience psychoactive side effects, the reason for this is because it contains no THC.

THC is the chemical compound in cannabis plants, which is where CBD is derived from, that makes you feel “high”.

Without THC in the product, you will not get high. This is why this product is legal too, it will not make you fail a drug test.

Difference Between CBD Tincture and CBD Oils

The main difference between these products is the ingredients. CBD tinctures are alcohol based, whereas the oils are obviously oil based.

There are further ingredients such as terpene and some oils that are not included in CBD oils.


There are many different flavours of CBD tinctures that you can choose from, here are some of them: full spectrum, hemp seed and coconut.


CBD tinctures offer both physical and mental benefits, they ease aches and pains as well as making you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

They are easy to consume, which is why we recommend them to everyone. If you would prefer a different product to consume, like a CBD sweet, then order your CBD gummies for sleep from

If you’d prefer not to consume either and are a person who prefers to apply CBD, then shop Loxa Beauty hemp soap (100g, 0mg), both products offer the same benefits.

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