Five Facts Of SEO That Every Business Should Know


Five Facts of SEO that every Business Should Know



Marketing is considered a central part of the business development process. And when it comes to digital marketing, it is essential to expand the business by reaching people around the world. This is why SEO becomes necessary in choosing the correct marketing efforts and strategies.

Implementing SEO is very necessary to look at the growth of the business and get consistent traffic. You can also take help from various organisations to achieve the desired goals. Companies like StudioHawk SEO Agency can help the business owner to understand the prospects of SEO and grow your business through it.

So, this write-up aims to explain five critical facts that one should know about SEO and why they are essential for business growth.

Fact 1. Awareness of the brand matters

Awareness of the brand has a significant impact on the SEO services provided by an organisation. When you see a new product or service, then you tend to find out more about it, and you end up searching it on a search engine.

This provides Google with an option to place you on search results according to the number of clicks that the websites get. So, it is good to inform people about the brand as outreach can help the business provide more products and services to the customers.

Fact 2. Mobile-oriented websites rank good

The internet services used by people today are rapidly growing fast. Some people living in remote areas use their mobile phones to go to the web and access information.

Travellers worldwide are using Google to look for the products before buying them. Search engines are expecting mobile websites from the organisation to serve the customers better.

So, creating a website design that is responsive to the mobiles can make the websites rank on the web. But, you cannot access the same website on everyone’s phones as there are small devices with a small screen, RAM, and other shortcuts.

For this, companies need to cut off some clutter to load the website’s super-fast.

Fact 3. SEO is an ongoing process

Several businesses make mistakes when getting proper budgets for their SEO practices. Taking your website on Google is a thing, but improving its position on the search engine is a different process. This leads to changes in the SEO ranking factors.

Google tries to grow new majors that will help the organisation improve the experience on the web. So, it is perfect to hire an SEO consultant, get yourself updated with the latest trends, and ensure that the website stays at first on the search results.

Fact 4. Three-quarter SEO is off-page

One might get a shock when they come to know that the efforts that you have made in creating content for a website will count 25% of the ranking factors of Google.

So, it is advised to put in your efforts at the off-page part in SEO. Off-page is a process where you get the necessary things, such as backlinks from various reputable websites and links to the new piece of content you have generated for the website. Quality link building is still an important ranking factor.

Fact 5. 40% of users leave a slow running website

It has been discovered that 3 out of 10 visitors close the website if it does not get a load in 3-4 seconds, and several people expect the website to open in 1-2 seconds.

In today’s world, everything is fast and is running at our fingertips, and people have a great choice to choose their online process. So, it is essential for business owners to invest more in developing a great homepage that pays back to SEO. This will reduce the website’s bounce rate and get happy customers.

SEO is considered the best marketing strategy to grow your business using all the necessary means immediately. There is nothing that can raise your return on investment as fast as SEO can do. Choose the top SEO practices for better traffic and help users buy your products and services.

So, it is required for various organisations to master these facts listed above to enhance their SEO practice and build a better relationship with the customers and get on top of all the businesses.



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